Today’s Daily prompt word is echo and here is my take on this prompt.

An echo is something you πŸ‘‚ hear right? Like even though I’m a grown up when I do something that mom would not πŸ‘Ž like her warning voice echoes loudly in my πŸ‘‚ πŸ‘‚ ears. Here are somethings ok found when searching the word echo.

Amazon has a cool speaker called Echo.

Today is Sunday I missed Saturday so here is SoCS if you want to know more go here and check it out. Linda gave the prompt of “pretty.”Here is my take.

Pretty is a good word but it is a descriptive word that I did not use when describing myself for many many years. I know I can say I’m pretty. But coming from someone with low self-esteem I still find it hard sometimes. Pretty is as pretty does. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Both those statements I believe are true. So I think I’m going to do another visual sing and show you some pretty things I found on the internet. So I hope you enjoy some of my pretty things I found on the internet or you. Hahaha

Here is another attempt on entertainment on my top 7 things I hate to see when on a dating site. So here we go……

Spell check boys and girls πŸ‘¦ πŸ‘§! Nothing done online these days should have spelling errors. Don’t know how to use spell βœ”check then use it’s free!

Please do not use street slang or texting slang on your profile or communication with me! Sup gf I cum 2 u she 4 luv? Or a profile that says: I lv wlk 🌴 w u. I see u 1 n none else. I funnier I think. Stay hme tv u cok 4 me I RUB u. Hit me digs I txt. Lol

The picture! Make it a real one! So many are obviously fake others aren’t. But, most people know how to image search. Lol come on! Also, I don’t mind kids or other family in pics but keep your profile pic of just you. I am looking for a date or relationship not the right time to throw kids or family yet. Maybe on the first date. Just not in your profile.

Be honest! This does not mean tell me everything right away but be honest in your profile and if we start talking be honest then to. Stuff like you climbed Mt Everest. Fed alligators from your mouth. You are the one that really thought of Facebook. Outrageous tales of grandeur are just a huge turn off.

Don’t make your introduction part to along or to short. If it’s to short it says to me you aren’t taking this process seriously. To long bores me and leaves nothing for me to ask about.

Ok, let’s talk πŸ“· pictures! I already spoke about taking a selfie rather than family ☝one. I find a profile I πŸ‘like. We start ,  each other and the first thing you ask if I want to πŸ‘€see more pics. Before I can say πŸ‘yes or πŸ‘Žno you send a nude so all pic pops up with the message “and it’s 9 inches long no πŸ“· Photoshop.”Huge turn off!

Do not ask to come over during the first time we corresponded to each other. This can be asked but come on so soon. And don’t ask for sexual activity of any sorts in the beginning. It’s tasteless and rude.

I just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t connected with the daily prompt in a couple days. I really like doing the daily prompt. But it hasn’t interested me or clicked with me at all. I’m trying to work on getting my stuff together for April. I’m also writing my grandchild a fairy tale for Christmas. I’m not a writer! So this task is posing to be your very very hard. So bear with me on the daily prompts and I will try to figure out some original content. Thank you for your patience. Have a great day!

Sated is today’s word prompt. And here is my take on this prompt.

Okay, sated reminded me of being full for the definition in That we have a lot of wasted food. And there are a lot of people in America that are hungry. In the past I have done a post on how much food we waste and how we can reduce the amount of food we waste. So I know it’s off of the realm of what sated means. But, I really do think it is a subject needs to be addressed again and again and again. Something has got to give. There are children Starving in the United States of America. Much less all over the world. But I’m going to keep my statements to the United States because I know a little bit about going hungry. I’d like to take a picture of what I feel sated means. Just means overflowing and full to me stuffed to the brim.

 now these are sated! Don’t you think? Could you imagine the waste that we would save by doing a few things different? What I’d like this to do instead of talking about being sated. Let’s talk about are landfills and dumps being sated with items that could be recycled items that could help other people. There is food that had gone wasted from Thanksgiving dinner and it’s just going to get thrown out when it be wonderful to come up with a way to do something with those leftovers that nobody’s going to eat? You know if you have enough why not take it down to where you see some homeless take a plate down? I don’t know I feel very passionate about this cause I really don’t know how to change anything on my own. It does take a village to raise a child. But as part of that Village do we not have a responsibility to those children to make sure that they have enough food? All of the children. The elderly are having to pay for their medication or eat. How fair is that? I’ll have a stroke or heart attack or I’ll eat today. I read a very sad story about a lady that was taken in by a family because she was eating cat food canned cat food all month long because that’s all she could do is pay and low rent and medications there wasn’t much room for anything else. It just makes me so angry there should be a solution this should not be happening. So there’s my take on sated.