Monthly Archives: March 2016

Love me some taters! Didn’t go to prom 😦 Don’t like clams in a half Shell and yeah happy birthday to the man who invented the Bunsen burner!!



1. LISTENING: TV in the background and crows yapping out window.

2. EATING: Nothing right now but had an egg, sausage, and cheese on english muffin.

3. DRINKING: Coffee and Coke

4.Β WEARING: Black leggins, black t-shirt.

5. FELLING: Worried about my sister. She is very sick and I am hoping her cancer is not back. Taking her to Dr tomorrow.

6. WEATHER: 70 degrees and beautiful.

7. WANTING: This back and leg pain to go away!

8. NEEDING: To finish my A to Z posts. I am up to letter O but I am stuck there!

10. ENJOYING: This beautiful Spring day!

I am doing the daily currents with my friend Lori. Here is her link, go and check her out!

Lori’s daily currents

Anyone have a Radio Flyer little red wagon?

Doctors day!

I am in control day!

Manatee appreciation day!

And Pencils who can appreciate them?