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Word of the Day – intransigent: refusing to agree or compromise; inflexible. at

I am intransigent they say when it comes to the matter of addiction.


Love me some taters! Didn’t go to prom 😦 Don’t like clams in a half Shell and yeah happy birthday to the man who invented the Bunsen burner!!



1. LISTENING: TV in the background and crows yapping out window.

2. EATING: Nothing right now but had an egg, sausage, and cheese on english muffin.

3. DRINKING: Coffee and Coke

4. WEARING: Black leggins, black t-shirt.

5. FELLING: Worried about my sister. She is very sick and I am hoping her cancer is not back. Taking her to Dr tomorrow.

6. WEATHER: 70 degrees and beautiful.

7. WANTING: This back and leg pain to go away!

8. NEEDING: To finish my A to Z posts. I am up to letter O but I am stuck there!

10. ENJOYING: This beautiful Spring day!

I am doing the daily currents with my friend Lori. Here is her link, go and check her out!

Lori’s daily currents

Anyone have a Radio Flyer little red wagon?

Doctors day!

I am in control day!

Manatee appreciation day!

And Pencils who can appreciate them?


I am doing 10 daily currents with Lori Carlson. Want to take part in this link back to Lori’s post. I have yesterday’s to link back to right now. Lori Carlson’s 10 daily currents

1. listening: The Bang Theory

2. eating: Monterey Jack cheese

3. drinking: Coke

4. wearing: Dark blue leggins, Purple Cancer Society shit of my sisters

5. feeling: Sleepy

6. weather: 52 degrees and very windy, so windy small craft advisory posted for bay and ocean.

7. wanting: Dinner

8. needing: to finish dishes and cook dinner?

9. thinking: What do I want to do after dinner?A to Z work? Or watch Netflix?

10. enjoying: Learning about my mythical creature for the letter N in my A to Z challenge theme.

Another blog friend doing this daily current event with Lori and I is go check her out join us too!

I had a thought, dear readers… if you’d like to grab these 10 Daily Currents and write your own, link back to my post so I can share along with you!


On Tuesday’s I take part in “My thinking corner” hosted by my friend Jacqueline here is a link to her “thinking corner” I urge you to check her blog out! I was reading her “Monday musings” and “concealer” posts. (maybe not exact names) They always give me much to think on! Jacqueline’s Blog

There is a key factor  to the saying above. I USED TO….I lived for everyone but myself. I thought about others before myself. It was my way of not looking at myself. If I looked then I would want to fix myself. Wow, that was so long ago. I did look. The fixing part is every day. It is important to note that being co-dependant for so very long is not going to change overnight. Here is what I have to do to keep my goals and life in order. Not easy but simple really. Let me make some sense to you.

It is all about the choices you make. There will be mistakes and you will be discouraged but, look to your higher power for guidance. Choose to live for yourself. Many people may say that is selfish. But, isn’t it wonderful that people you love want to be around you. They absorb your energy. When the right choices are made. Simple really. I was not going to write today. See my blog and writing help me to make right choices. The wonderful people here remind me I have chosen to live better. My family has felt and seen a difference in me. People you surround yourself with via virtually or not affect your life. Doing what is right and living in this moment right here. That is what I am choosing to do! Choose right or you get left!!!!

I need to share with you the fact that I am going through some trials right now. I have turned things over to the God of my understanding. This is new to me the FAITH thing. Never really thought about prayer or something bigger than myself. Last week going through stuff I just heard my voice saying “Have faith and pray and all will be fine” well some say it was God speaking to me. Some say the universe ways sending me a message. Either way I was drowning in the negative. I felt all I could do is talk out loud about my problems. Then I just left the icky feeling, go away. I absorbed my entire being into the feeling of peace I felt. I chose to have FAITH and walk away from the negative. I envisioned myself walking into the sunset. Peace

Well, that is my thinking corner for this week. Choose wisely. Have faith.