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I know I know it’s about over here and already tomorrow other places but I thought these easy cheap snacks for your next Halloween party was cool! 

Today’s daily prompt is giant and here is my take on the prompt.

I insistantly thought of the Jolly Green Giant! Guess I’m not getting in much of the giant things that plague me. Nope, not today.

Then what comes to my mind is the Giant Willie from Disneys adaptation of Jack and the Beanstalk.

There is a Giant Panda. Very beautiful animal to look at don’t you think?

My favorites are the Giant creatures throughout mythology .

There is this little cartoon I found while searching for giant things.

And this the Halloween season Giant Pumpkins are about!

Lastly there is an Elizabeth Taylor movie called The Giant. Here is a clip on that.

So, let us have some fun! Here are 7 things I would do or places I would go if I were a nudist.

Image result for free images of a small house

  • On house cleaning day close all your curtains and clean your house head to toe naked. Ending up with the bathroom last and then hop in the shower and wawlah!
  • This I’m not so bold about doing yet but maybe someday. Go on a nude or underware run for charity. Lol I don’t have the balls but it is for a good cause really. Here is a list for runs that require little to no clothes underware or nude runs list never know what you will be feeling up to one of these days. Lol!!!
  • Sunbathing in the buff is healthy provided you wear a good sun screen to apply generously! You might have a yard that gives you some privacy? Be creative and respectful about where you are naked and you will be thrilled with no tanning lines.
  • Naked yoga! Hey, I hear it is a great way to get in touch with yourself so to speak. Lol!
  • A cruise company offers nude cruises. I believe it is called Bare Necessities. If I wasn’t such a chicken I would do a 3-5 day nude cruise. I hear that its done very tastefully. Not geared towards sex but rather having fun without the burden of clothes. Now, shall our next cruise be a nude one?
  • I live on the Pacific ocean and there are still some nude beaches around here. I have not been in a bit but it is nice to hunt for shells, walk, or play in the water. College cove is our local nude beach (you do get the on lookers with cell cameras but beach goers stop them quickly) I want to loose more weight before I bare it all locally. You just don’t know who you may see there! Lol!
  • Lastly, this will empower you and boost your self esteem. Download a sexy selfie app and set up a nude selfie photo shoot. Download to app and choose from shadowing out you lady parts for instance. Just Photoshop using different lighting effects. You are beautiful in clothes or not.

Get naked and have fun!



Fall is here time for warm hearty meals with not much fuss. I use a crock pot for a variety of meals. I turn the pot on as soon as I get up. My mom makes a very simple chicken stew that is sure to please all. But, there is so much more you can do with a crock pot that I didn’t know of until I Googled it! (Can y’all tell I Google everything) lol…..

Anyway, my question is do you have a crock pot recipe that you would share with me? Do you use a crock pot? Please share in comments. Each entry will be included in an up coming post and they will be named Annette’s Places “Crocky crew” hahaha!! 

Today is Saturday and its time for SoCS which prompt is in/out use one or both any way we choose.

In the door they came ready to eat. She couldn’t wait till they went back out the door.

I’ve always liked doors going in or out of them doesn’t matter to me its the doors I like.

There is a song I found of some sorta of Asian descent. Here is a link too.

There is also the in-n-out buger that is suppose to be awesome burgers and shakes!

Lastly there was the cute little show called Inside Out. 

Would you close that door Bubba its inside or out and you weren’t born in a barn!

Today’s daily prompt is the word bridge and here is my take on this prompt.

When I think of the word bridge I think of this old bridge in Humboldt County California called the Ferndale bridge. It allows you to cross the Eel river. It is the world’s largest still standing made of poured concrete bridge in the world.  It began construction in 1910 and opened up Nov. 1911. To find out more facts on the bridge including the flood it went through and that it is built on a major Earthquake Fault line go here and check it out.

Image result for free images of ferndale bridge california

Image result for free images of ferndale bridge california