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I have decided today to not use a image. Today’s color is denim. Because I like where my mom mind went on this challenge….

Bare with me a minute. My mind went to a pair of denim pants. Then I went to actually being denim pants. Did I walk through puddles in the rainy streets of Seattle? Did I get my first rip on the rock that I slipped on while hiking in the Colorado Rockies? Or is that stain from the big glob of spaghetti my toddler son threw at me while learning to eat. Now, I am cut offs….each of my legs auntie Lou Lou is making not a quilt for my grandchild…. But, my denium still travels on to???????……

That’s where denim took me……

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It has been fun with jusjojan and the end has come…..thanks to LindagHill for hosting this January fun!

Today’s prompt is clumsy….

Ok, I have read several of your blog posts and we all seem to have a lot of things in common we are clumsy. I started out clumsy for a different reason I’ve been clumsy since I was a little tiny girl since I could walk. I was born pigeon toed. Therefore when I learn to walk I was always tripping over my toes. My mom and my big sister were very protective of me so I didn’t get to play outside much because I would always hurt myself. Back then the medical procedure to stand pigeon toed kids out was stiff braces bars running down each side of my leg. They bent only at the knee and the hip. They were fastened to 2 leather boot type shoes. And strapped up on your hips. I can only take them off 20 minutes at night and I even had to sleep with them. So, my mom let me out very few times during the day and I’m going to tell you something that I don’t tell many people. And its funny looking back on it. That kids do the darndest things. I can remember peeing in my pants when I was outside because I did not want to come back in to pp so I would pee in my pants because I know if I would go inside my mom or my sister would make me stay inside. I look back on it now and remember just holding it as long as I could and then peeing in my pants cuz I didn’t want to go back inside. Being clumsy affected me when I was really young in a different way.
Now that I am older I am clumsy for all different kinds of reasons I can’t keep anything clean I wear. I have fumble fingers and you can’t blame that on being pigeon toed. I drop everything on every shirt I’ve ever had. I still fall just not as often. And now I got lots of cushion to protect me from hurting myself. Hahahahaha
P. S. My pigeon toed heals itself after many years of treatment.

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