Here is another attempt on entertainment on my top 7 things I hate to see when on a dating site. So here we go……

Spell check boys and girls 👦 👧! Nothing done online these days should have spelling errors. Don’t know how to use spell ✔check then use it’s free!

Please do not use street slang or texting slang on your profile or communication with me! Sup gf I cum 2 u she 4 luv? Or a profile that says: I lv wlk 🌴 w u. I see u 1 n none else. I funnier I think. Stay hme tv u cok 4 me I RUB u. Hit me digs I txt. Lol

The picture! Make it a real one! So many are obviously fake others aren’t. But, most people know how to image search. Lol come on! Also, I don’t mind kids or other family in pics but keep your profile pic of just you. I am looking for a date or relationship not the right time to throw kids or family yet. Maybe on the first date. Just not in your profile.

Be honest! This does not mean tell me everything right away but be honest in your profile and if we start talking be honest then to. Stuff like you climbed Mt Everest. Fed alligators from your mouth. You are the one that really thought of Facebook. Outrageous tales of grandeur are just a huge turn off.

Don’t make your introduction part to along or to short. If it’s to short it says to me you aren’t taking this process seriously. To long bores me and leaves nothing for me to ask about.

Ok, let’s talk 📷 pictures! I already spoke about taking a selfie rather than family ☝one. I find a profile I 👍like. We start ,  each other and the first thing you ask if I want to 👀see more pics. Before I can say 👍yes or 👎no you send a nude so all pic pops up with the message “and it’s 9 inches long no 📷 Photoshop.”Huge turn off!

Do not ask to come over during the first time we corresponded to each other. This can be asked but come on so soon. And don’t ask for sexual activity of any sorts in the beginning. It’s tasteless and rude.

So, let us have some fun! Here are 7 things I would do or places I would go if I were a nudist.

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  • On house cleaning day close all your curtains and clean your house head to toe naked. Ending up with the bathroom last and then hop in the shower and wawlah!
  • This I’m not so bold about doing yet but maybe someday. Go on a nude or underware run for charity. Lol I don’t have the balls but it is for a good cause really. Here is a list for runs that require little to no clothes underware or nude runs list never know what you will be feeling up to one of these days. Lol!!!
  • Sunbathing in the buff is healthy provided you wear a good sun screen to apply generously! You might have a yard that gives you some privacy? Be creative and respectful about where you are naked and you will be thrilled with no tanning lines.
  • Naked yoga! Hey, I hear it is a great way to get in touch with yourself so to speak. Lol!
  • A cruise company offers nude cruises. I believe it is called Bare Necessities. If I wasn’t such a chicken I would do a 3-5 day nude cruise. I hear that its done very tastefully. Not geared towards sex but rather having fun without the burden of clothes. Now, shall our next cruise be a nude one?
  • I live on the Pacific ocean and there are still some nude beaches around here. I have not been in a bit but it is nice to hunt for shells, walk, or play in the water. College cove is our local nude beach (you do get the on lookers with cell cameras but beach goers stop them quickly) I want to loose more weight before I bare it all locally. You just don’t know who you may see there! Lol!
  • Lastly, this will empower you and boost your self esteem. Download a sexy selfie app and set up a nude selfie photo shoot. Download to app and choose from shadowing out you lady parts for instance. Just Photoshop using different lighting effects. You are beautiful in clothes or not.

Get naked and have fun!



This is important! Smiles are contagious! Spread them far and wide! A smile can seal the decide of life.

Always look at the imperfections. They are perfect!

**She believed she could so she did**

Own your own sunshine…..could not have said it better.

**Be so happy that when others see you they become happy too!**

I encourage each of you to dance without restraint in the rain at least once in your life.

And last but not least Marilyn Manroe!

Being single after 25 years of marriage seems easier than dating in this day and age. So, here are some of my top things to say on a bad first date. Mind you I would never do any of these things so this is pure humor. Not meant to offend anyone!

Stand up and turn your butt towards him and say “do my depends show through my pants.” “Because I am sure having an anal leakage problem, do you have that too?”  Haha

Flirt. Flirt. Flirt just not with your date and talk to your date about other patrons of the place you planned the date. “Would you look at the shitter on that critter.” “He can drive my truck right into gear right here!” Be obnoxiously flirtatious just not with your date!

Profess to them you’re in love and its with her/him. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” “I am updating my status to engaged to, oh yeah what’s your last name?” “Are kids will be beautiful!” Haha

When you can text a friend to call you and then you say “oh nooooo oh noooo really really?” Hang up and tell your date your house was just hit by a giant tornado. You already said you live just a few blocks away and the weather is amazing. Plus you don’t live where tornados hit. (You can use different natural disasters too…get creative) haha

Sit close to him or her and develope twitches like tapping your feet while constantly sniffing. Get up every 4 to 5 minutes rub your seat like you are getting crumbs off of it. Look at your date and stick your tongue out. When confronted why you are doing these things keep a straight face and act like he must be crazy saying “you must be mistaken!” Haha

“Do you happen to have a breath mint?” If your date says no “There is a market accross the street go get some your breath stinks!” If he says yes “well, I think you need to eat the whole pack! Haha

“Sorry, mama just messaged me saying she needs me to put her bunyon cream on right now!” And get up and leave! Haha

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I am the type of person that if something irritates me that someone is doing I tend to not say anything. So, this is my venting and hopefully, it will help me to just laugh at myself at being so silly. Here are 7 of my pet peeves.

Image result for free images of a dirty bathroom sink

A dirty bathroom! I mean left over toothpaste in sink, no toilet paper, hair in the bathtub. I am not a spotless person but I can’t stand a dirty bathroom. There is a time when your toilet water is brown and you can’t remember the last time you cleaned it. Pet peeve!

Image result for free images of someone clipping toe nails

Someone clipping their toenails and not picking them up just letting them fly and hit whatever. It is gross!

Image result for free images of someone chewing with their mouth open    Image result for free images of someone chewing with their mouth open

Chewing with your mouth open and also talking with your mouth full is horrific to my eyes and ears. What do you say?

If I tell you I have not seen a Tv show or movie do not proceed to tell me the end!!!!!

Image result for free images of watching tv

I hate running into the “know it all” you know the guy or girl that has done it all and seems to have lived a trillion years if they did all they claim. Or the person that knows all your problems (so they think) and have a solution for you too! They tend to hurt my feelings so they are a pet peeve of mine.

My mom says total strangers come up to me and tend to spill out their life stories. I began to see she was right. I didn’t mind that part and still don’t but I have some women, three to be precise that have come up to me in different situations and tell me their life stories and added sexual TMI to the mixture. I did not feel comfortable because I hardly knew them. They acted like we were old friends and in school and we were trading secrets. Except all I did was listen! So, pet peeve strangers please don’t tell me when you gave your last blow job to. I don’t want to hear it! LOL


Image result for free images of the word sex

Youth or even younger adults have no respect for disabled or elderly. I ride a local bus and they are often packed with college folks. A person gets on and needs a seat obviously and nobody moves. Pet peeve!

Image result for free images of a city bus


 Lastly, I have a very short memory so when I am talking I hate being interrupted because I forget what I am saying. Its ok when done accidently but the people that would do it and do it just drive me blooming nuts!

Ok, that’s my top 7 pet peeves. What are some of yours? Or, can you relate to any of mine?