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My sister was my playmateSister-a-little-bit-of-childhood

My earliest childhood memory is of my sister and I playing in the gravel on the front of our childhood home. Most of my earlier memories are my sister and I doing something together.

You see our mom was an alcoholic. She was often gone and I stayed with my big sister. She was my world. I wanted to play with her all the time. She got tired of always having to take care of me I am sure. She never complained about it. My sister had to grow up way to fast because of me. For that I will be forever grateful.

So, playing in that gravel with my hero sister is my earliest memory. But, because of who we are to each other it wasn’t the only memory I

OK it’s official I am truly addicted to blogging! It’s funny it has been said that if you need clarification or direction in your life you shall receive it. Including if you don’t even see or feel you need it. So today while clicking in and out of blogs I came across more than once posts on domestic violence. I am a survivor for three years now but I don’t share my struggles or story publicly yet…..

Someday I will write my story for my healing as well as others

Back to the many posts on DV that floated my way. Well, they gave me a sense of peace. Even the one that pissed me off. As sad as it is that our world still suffers badly from this issue. I was reminded of what I came from as well as how far I have came. More importantly I didn’t feel so alone. I also saw how some people have no clue what it is like to survive such trauma.

So cheers to those that share their experiences you may have written something that helped me today. It takes alot to find your voice after DV. I know because I am still finding mine.

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