Weekly Discovery challenge/The art of making lists/Annette/8/19/2016

This week the prompt is “the art of making lists” if you would like to know the details of this challenge or just browse other bloggers take on the week’s prompt go here and check it out. Here is my take on this weeks challenge of making a list in any way or any type we want. I am going to depict my name with artistic lettering I found for free downloading on flickr.com by Leo Reynolds and I will pick out some things about me that start with the letter in my name. Starting with the letter “A” now this is going to be only positive things because I should be making a list like this of all the things I improved on or am today. Thanks for coming on my list of me.

The list of me by Annette

7238611124_1af8c204b3_n    adjustable, above, adorable, astute, attitude, action, artistic, accountable, accurate, annoying, adventure, allure, absolutely, and alright!

6873116915_123026d4ff_n   noteable, nice, neighborly, naughty, naked, nutty, nature, natural, no, neutral, nailed, and normality.

5212653146_b51ac564b0_n   no one, notes, nowhere, nevertheless, night, new, nobody, no, and neat.

3214616023_468cc95241_n   entertain, exit, evolve, enrolled, entrance, enter, elevate, elaborate, echo, editing, entice, and events.

6705161199_f6816bea6d_b  tantalizing, tremendous, tentatively, togetherness, timeless, touching, toss-up, texter, trouble, today, telling, tomorrow, tunes.

6267804139_8266ce1d85_n   tactful, talkative, tasteful, tasty, toasty, teacher, technical, taken, top, testing, thread, trace, treats.

55641390_c005025566_n    edge, elevate, electric, elemental, enthralled, enter, exits, extra, expel, especially, entrances, extra-special.

    • Annette said:

      Thanks ya know I’m not very creative so I found these free lettering LeO Reynolds is the artist

      Liked by 1 person

  1. These are so awesome 🙆 Maybe you have time to check out one of my posts too, I also blog about art!


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