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Hello! I am new to blogging and I have fallen in LOVE with it! I am 47 years young and have 3 grown son’s I adore. I am a fairly new grandma also of two kids. I simply believe they hung the moon! I was in a marriage for 25 years and 4 years ago or so I left. It has been a long healing process.  I have been learning to love myself again. Reinventing myself has been a journey of tears and laughter. My writing helps me to heal. That’s why I started this blog. I use to write all the time but just stopped and fell into a huge rut. This blog has helped me find a voice and that makes me want to jump for joy!!!!  I have my first rough draft of a book that has been in my mind forever. You see one of my lifetime goals is to get something I have written published. I don’t care if it is a two paragraph article. However, this book haunts me. I started it and have the rough rough draft done. I will give this project my whole soul when it is time to start. I leave the rest up to the universe and it will make the publishing part happen. My views are different. You may not like my blog or writings. And that is ok we all are unique. My blog will simply kept. I started blogging on a cell phone app. Now, I finally have a laptop. I will be able to do so much more. Lastly, me and my blog will try and be upbeat and positive. I do suffer from many physical and mental issues. I may write about them from time to time too! For now I am improving my writing skills with daily prompts and writing challenges. Thanks for dropping by and come again soon!

Update 3/23/2916

I wanted to say that I now feel after blogging and writing for a bit now that I am no writer. No, my niche or motto is to spread happiness and smiles all over the world. I will do this with each person that reads my blog. They will at least find one thing that makes them smile. It is important to me to be happy. To do so I need to live mindfully and take life as it is. I live in the moment. If I do get published someday it will not be my writing that is a focus. It will be the attitudes and life lessons I put into my posts. Self improvement is my niche. All topics under this topics umbrella are in my blog. So, that is my update. Self discovery and redefining.

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