Monthly Archives: June 2016

Today’s daily prompt word is “prophecy.” To learn more about the daily prompts go here and check it out!

As soon as I saw today’s prompt “prophecy” I thought I would research prophecy and prophets. Boy did I open up a whole bunch of information on one subject. So, instead of doing this “by the book” per say I am going to talk about prophecy in my life today.

I firmly believe in “The Law of Attraction” and this to me is prophecy. Because if you give to the universe your hopes, wishes, and dreams for yourself they come true. Whatever you put in the universe you get back. Karma is a famous term for this concept. You spread negative you get negative. And vica versa. So, many things I have prophecies about start by me giving things to the universe and not accepting anything different. I give it to the universe, concentrate and meditate on it. And it happens. It is amazing to be able to have a prophecy come true. Here are some YouTube video’s on “The Law of Attraction” that I know you will find very informative.

This week’s Daily Post prompt is “doors” and we are to express this prompt in any way we see fit. To see participants takes on this prompt or to join in the fun go here and check it out! June 24th was fairy day so my little stories are about doors and fairies.*all images found on Google free image search*

“Choose a door” my fairy of enchantment said. There were three to choose from. This dream happened every night. The fairy of enchantment would appear out of nowhere it seemed and asked the same question. The doors were beautifully odd sitting there in the forest. “I can’t choose just one” I would manage to stutter out the words. They were all unique. I knew they represented different parts of my life. The one in the middle seemed to be the here and now. The one to the right with the cherry blossoms in the reflection was the one from the future. And the one in the back with the leafless tree branches in the reflection was for sure the past. I would always choose the middle door. The here and the now. “Always choose right my dear” was always the last thing I heard from the enchantment fairy before I woke up.

The large door led to the chamber of fairies. The door looked to be heavy but it was light. When you got to the door it was no longer big. It was just the right size door. You knew you were about to enter a beautiful and magical place. They always kept the lights aglow just for company. Fairies are very hospitable.

Behind these three doors are fairies that do special things when a human is feeling down or blue. The light blue door is Halena the happy fairy. She would greet you with a happy smile and as soon as she touched you, you became happy. The door on the left was Fulena the fabulous fairy. She greeted you at the door dressed in high-class fairy clothes that looked to be spun out of gold. She would usher you in and stand you in front of a magical mirror. Once you looked at yourself you wree fabulous. Your clothes also were spun out of gold so it would seem. And the door on the right was Smarlena the smart fairy. She would greet you at the door looking as though she ran the local library. In you would go and sit at a grand desk full of books. She would hand you a book and tell you to read it. Suddenly you became smarter. Those are the tales of the blue door fairies.

If you are lucky enough to find this door you will be able to see something when you open it that people rarely see. It is the meeting place for fairies of all kinds. Behind this door many fairies flutter about. If you have a problem all you have to do is talk to one of the fairies that meet just through that door. That fairy will direct you to the fairy that can solve that problem. Behind this door magic happens.