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No, it is not Friday I know, I know! But, hey it is an event that I like and it will improve my creative writing skills. Plus, it is fun! If you would like to know more about this event please go here 

Graffiti downtown Richmond, VA. Photo prompt one eye open and one eye shut. 

I instantly thought artistic beauty! This is free flow writing so I am going to go with the many thoughts that come to my head when thinking about this mural.

  • “Oh crap, did I really do that lastnite?”
  • “Is she really running around naked”?
  • “Who was that and what was he doing?”
  • “Is that what I think it is?”
  • “In confused!”
  • “The dog got let out again!”
  • “What’s this world coming to?”

I choose to go with my more humours side of life today. I have been thinking to deeply into things. This exercise proved very helpful to me. It showed me to take my time and relax. Instead of being so literal and serious then things will flow better. 

It is Saturday again and that means it is time for SoCS with Linda Hill. Our prompt for this week is to use all of the following in our post “your” “you’re” and “yore” or don’t go with the prompt offered and write anything at all. To find out more about this event go here and check it out! While you are there check out all the great stuff she writes! 

Image result for free images of a serving wench

Image via Google free images of a serving wench

Image result for free google images of a rich woman during the civil war

Free Google images of women from the Civil Wara era  from TV show Vampire Diaries




Me in the here and now thinking of all my days of yore


Well, I have to say I had no clue what yore meant! I actually had to look yore up on I like the word a lot. BasicallyI took it as days gone by. A term used when Knights ruled their kingdoms with an iron fist. Ironically I do not write about this because I would hate to think ya’ll will think I am loonier than Wiley E Coyote on a Saturday morning running after the roadrunner. LOL! Well, I am but that is a subject you’re going to have to wait on. Right now we are talking about the days of yore when Knights ruled. Your brain is probably thinking what is she talking about? The period of time in history I know I lived then too. Your opinion may be that I believe in reincarnation. Well, you’re wrong. I sense that I lived then and died and woke up in the Civil War era too. Then after a few short years I died and began life here. I am serious! Laugh, call me crazy, I know how it must sound. I have vivid memories of these times. In the days I was a low serving wench. My kingdom was mostly poor but, in general,  I was happy except for the brutal things done to me by Noble men. I didn’t live long. And I died of something caused by uncleanliness. In the civil war era I lived on a sprawling plantation. I wore the latest styles but hated the corsets and layer of material women had to wear. I was a voice for women’s rights and abolishing slavery. So, different from the person I am in this life. I fell in love with a man serving in some area of the war. He died after a sort time of being married. I din’t love another ever. I died  with no complications and I had been happy and fullfilled.  I am sure you guys think I am nuts and I am but this is my world and my mind. I am sure you’re shaking your head at my days of yore. Thank you for the time to read my crazy thoughts you’re all very bored by now so your time is as prescious to me as it is to you. Those were my days of yore. 


Today’s daily one word prompt is “witness” to learn more about daily prompts or see what others write about go here and check it out. Now here is my take on this prompt.

15760715202_d1aa2649e2_kA witness is described as someone that see’s something usually an event, crime, or accident. It can be used as a noun or a verb. Ok, so that is the technical low down on the word but I am going to talk about what I am a witness to. I have had a colorful life, to say the least. But, the best thing I have ever witnessed was the birth or a child. Besides my own,  I got to attend the birth of two of my nephews and my beautiful grandson Jaxon. To be privileged enough to have gotten to see this miracle more than one time in my life. In a nutshell, the word witness reminds me of the miracle of child birth. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about the last on I was able to witness. Me, my son, his wife, and his mother in law were all there. Watching my son care for his wife while she was in pain and agony. Seeing his face as white as ghost. Because, he was so nervous made me so proud of him. You see at the end of the bed where all the action was set to happen stood two women. Two mothers watching their babies become parents and anticipating seeing our grandson for the first time. Most grandma’s on each side don’t have a bond as strong as my co-grandparent Betty and I do. We had grown close by then and we held each other’s hands while we watched Jaxon’s head and then entire body enter this word. Tears flowed from our eye’s because we were witnesses to a miracle. The birth of this child changed us. My son and his wife did such a great job with this baby. The memories are like yesterday and he is now over 2 years old. To see this child every day I can and watch him grow I know I will never witness another baby coming into this world as unique as Jaxon. I am blessed and proud to be his grandma his NeNe!

This week’s Discovery prompt is to tell us something or an experience designed just for you. If you would like to know more about weekly prompts or just see what others have done with the prompt go here and check it out! Now for my take on this weeks prompt.


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Dear WordPress,

In December 2016 I happened to find an app that I thought was just a journaling app. It was to my surprise much more. I am disabled and have depression pretty bad. At that point, I was not even leaving the house. The app was your WordPress app for Andriod. About a month or so later I purchased my first computer. This was a big thing for me and I located the app for my laptop too!  I was off and running. Your tutorials opened up a whole new world to my blogging experience. I felt smart and confident when I added some widgets and images to my blog posts. The WordPress experience has done so much for my low self-esteem and my mental health issues. My WordPress blog has opened my eyes to a new way of living as well as increased my connection to information about so many topics I can not name them all. I now have friends I can turn to when I need them and I meet more and more each day due to your product. WordPress has got me up and out of my sad life. I am not healed but I sure can function better. My depression comes in spurts but, I know I am just a post away to talk about it or call my best friend that I met right here. Thank you for that too! I could go on and on about the changes your product made in my life. I love all the possibilities you offer for free and have been checking out your premium package too. I have yet to use some of the things that y ou offer for your customers. But, I am sure I will. Lastly, I got stuck really stuck on something and your staff was able to instant chat with me and solve my problem in a short amount of time. Kudos to you WordPress for 5 star top to bottom A #1 product designed just perfectly in my opinion! Thank you!



Sincerely yours,

Annette Harris