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It has taken most of the day but here is my SoCS prompt: “food” and if you want to know more about the challenge go see LindagHill and join the fun.

Oh, my dear loving food.

How much I love the even when I am in a bad mood.

Oh, my dear loving food.

I want to place my lips upon you so that I won’t brood.

Oh, my dear loving food.

My mind thinks of you night and day even at noon.

Oh, my dear loving food.

Saying good-bye to you are you leaving so soon?

Oh, my dear loving food.

Why oh why must see you on my hips until June……


But I Smile Anyway...

Some of you know my Pops is a Yoga teacher. He went into it after retiring. Since then, he has helped lots of people with his classes. And today I found out he is even on YouTube! A friend of his asked for a video regarding knee problems and pressure points, and massages to help. Since then, well it’s not quite viral. But over 400 views! Bless him!So, meet my Precious Pops!

(Not quite sure why it’s been classified comedy. .. but hey! )

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This is a cool post! Read it and challenge yourself to do the same as my dar friend Lori has! 🙂

Promptly Written

Buffalo nickel

Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor
of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you
find. What were you doing that year?


In the first part of 1997, I was in my third year at Hollins University (called Hollins College at the time). I’d already completed my Bachelors in English the year before and this third year, I was working on my Masters in Arts and Liberal Studies. I was living in Roanoke VA in an adorable apartment by myself. I was in constant contact though with my Reiki Master, Claire Born, who was also a student at Hollins University. We were making plans to go to Nags Head, NC for Spring Break.

During the early part of 1997, I was taking a writing course under the esteemed poet, Eric Trethewey , who sadly passed away in 2014…

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