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Hello y’all! Its nice and sunny out here. Not to hot or humid which is nice. Not much to do today at all. I was thinking about all these different things people may be doing on any given Sunday. What made me start to think about it is that in different parts of the US the majority of the population in any given town in the South go to church on Sunday’s. Now I’m in California the majority of people do other things. I’m not saying anything about who is more or less religious. Nor do I want to discuss religion. Just thinking how different Sunday’s in Oklahoma were from here in California. Wondering what Sunday’s are like in different parts of the world.

For instance my grandma use to take me to Sunday school. After that we went to her house where she cooked up a storm and then all my aunts, uncles, and coausins came to eat. After she passed this tradition stopped. From what I was told is my great grandma did the same thing. In the South this type of thing is a regular occurrence. Sunday’s were family time. I wonder if that is true in other parts of the world? Do Sunday’s hold a family tradition for your family? Or have you started any traditions like Sunday dinners at grandma’s on any day?