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I have the privilege of living with my big sister. We talk often about many subjects and she knows I am really trying to change many negative behavioral traits that keep me from moving forward in my journey in a positive way.  

Everyone deals with the emotion of anger at one point or another in their lifetime. My sister has earned many certificates in behavioral modification issues. It was in one of her classes that a statement was made that changed her total outlook on her anger. And that statement is:

“Anger is an emotion but, is it the first emotion you feel?”

Well, of corse it is not! It stems from many first emotions such as, hurt feelings, embarrassment, jealousy, and disrespect to name a few. Once you can recognize that fact then you can stand a good chance of being able to control your anger. Controlling your anger will affect your entire life on many levels. Many situations cause anger. Even if you don’t think you have anger issues it is how you control your anger that is important. It can define you as a person.

Being able to recognize that the anger you may be feeling is a secondary emotion will help you have better relationships with yourself and others. Plus, there have been many studies on how anger affects your health, such as, blood pressure issues, and it may even get so bad as to impair your judgement which the end result can be very horrific. I can’t stress enough how important it is to deal with any anger issues you may be having today. What may seem like a little emotion you have to rarely deal with it is really an awful demon that hides behind a lesser emotion. 

My posts is exactly as the title says! If you do not know what you are doing for sure SLOW DOWN do not even hover over the words trash or delete. I know, I know you guys probably already know that. But, what you don’t know is my About page is gone! I was making some changes to my page today. Suggestions made to me by fellow blogger John Jr (I am going to try and link in his page so you all can visit his site too! He mostly writes his dreams down but he is kind and ready to lend a helping hand to novices like me) urged me to change it up a bit. That’s where I messed up. Anyway, I must step off my blog for the day now. My brain hurts from trying to learn this laptop gadget thing and navigating WordPress all in the same 24 hours had really made me feel overwhelmed. I don’t want to make my blogging a stress on me so if I spend to much time trying to make things better it gives me stress, I do not want to loose followers because my blog is a fat mess either. lol! Man oh man what have I gotten myself into…..hahaha! I am woman hear me ROAR! Stayed tuned there is more to me and my blog than just this. Consider me a Chia pet and act like when you visit me you are watering me and watching me grow…..OH GOSH NOW I AM SINGING THE CHIA PET JINGLE!

Here is a link to John Jr.’s blog. Check him out his dreams are interesting. And he is just plain KIND

Tata for now….going to decompress!




Warning a bit of Debbie Downer to come!

It’s been two weeks or so and I’m really enjoying myself doing this blog. But in my true fashion my mind is picking my blog apart! I find myself second guessing all my posts on the writing challenges. Even know I got positive feedback on them and added followers to boot. Not having editing tools sucks! I spell OK using auto correct’s help. My grammar and punctuation suck ass! I have forgotten all I learned as a student in English. Also not adding the visual stuff or audio is awful! Ive tried to embed or link images to posts using this app and can’t. So all my readers have are my words basically raw and naked! At this point I’m making this experience into a bad thing in my mind. I do this to everything that brings me pleasure. I promised myself even on bad days I would produce a post like it or not. Today that’s how I’m battling my downer attitude. Living in the moment! Embracing Debbie Downer with a smile and shoving my work right up her butt! Maybe she will leave me alone now!?!?

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