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Today is Sunday I missed Saturday so here is SoCS if you want to know more go here and check it out. Linda gave the prompt of “pretty.”Here is my take.

Pretty is a good word but it is a descriptive word that I did not use when describing myself for many many years. I know I can say I’m pretty. But coming from someone with low self-esteem I still find it hard sometimes. Pretty is as pretty does. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Both those statements I believe are true. So I think I’m going to do another visual sing and show you some pretty things I found on the internet. So I hope you enjoy some of my pretty things I found on the internet or you. Hahaha


It is time for SoCS with Linda Hill go here and check out the challenge and her blog too! Today’s prompt use “yes”  or a word with “yes” in it in our post with bonus points using it as the first and last word. 

YES, I think YESterday I had some WalleYES for supper. But, my eYEShades didn’t work for my eYEStrain that I had going on. My eYES looked like tigereYES! They were a pair of deadeYES. I now just have redeYES. I said my goodbYES to bad eYES. 

Its Saturday time for SoCS with Linda! Out prompt this week is “mem” use it in any form we like.  
Ok ok I first thought Linda typed “men” not “mem” I thought if its men then oh boy lookie out! Lol but its not its mem. So my men readers are off the hook haha I crack myself up. Good thing I am not a men oopss mem lol boy I’m on one today folks! šŸ™‚ seriously drawing up blanks but I love this challenge so I must move on to the mem at hand……drums beat at her humor…rattata rattata! Hello are y’all still with me? Yeah I see ya there a looking to see what and the world I’m going to type next……..

Homemaker, homemade, homemaking, dismemberment, dismember, lalala I’m singing you the MEM song…..

That’s all I got…..brain farts!

It’s Saturday folks that means it’s time for SoCS and our prompt is “screen” use it in any way we want. Here is my take on the prompt.

The screen door was open and it was under a canopy of concealment. I knew there was a divider somewhere covering the cloak. It was under security by the mantle next to the curtain or veil type material. The mask shaded its place under the partition. I stood behind a hedge in a shroud of covering.

Hahaha those were some Synonyoms for screen. I just threw that all together all by my lil ol self! Oh boy am I proud. Lol!!! Had fun doing it. It makes no sense. 

What can I say of screen. I like to be able to screen every new movie I could. Like be a real critic! Wouldn’t that be a blast. Then there is good old TV screen. Now where would a lot of households do without one. The holy grail of screens the computer screen……nothing more to say there. Most would not like life without theirs. Our cell phone screens….wow another must have!! Screens are important. Don’t have much else on screens. Lol

Today a prompt is awkward and our original host Linda G Hill is out today but Joey from Joeyfully stated is guest host for Lind. Thank you for hosting Joey. Now, for my take on “awarkward.”

In many ways at different times in my life but, it is as though they all have drifted out of my brain into lala land. Now Joey you do make me awkward? No, not really LOL! But, now is an awkward moment! There are many awkward photos of people out there so I choose a few that came up when I Googled awkward to find something interesting to say about awkward.

And here is an awkward meme to round it off. No it is a joke really but that would be awkward for sure! 

That is all for me today. Happy weekend! Thanks Joey for guest hosting today! 

Today is SoCS time and our prompt is “bus” use it as is or in a word. To learn more about SoCSĀ go hereĀ and visit Linda G Hill. Here is my take on the prompt.


My thoughts instantly went to the song. “The wheels on the bus go round and round” because my grandson sings it to me all the time. Then my mind went to the song “Bust a move” by Young MC.



Then my mind went to words with “bus” in it. Like “bust” was. So, armed with a thinking cap I turn my attention to Google. Ā I am amazed every time I do a search and bammĀ the results are right in front of me. I could choose from a website offering lists of words containing bus in them or there are two sights dedicated to words that end and words that begin with bus. So, I set off to learn something new and share it with you. Golly I rhymed!!! LOL!!!Ā 

There is Harquebus which is a very old small caliberĀ gun operated by a Matlock dating back to the 1400’s

Image result for free images of a harquebus

Image result for free images of cumulus clouds

Above is a Cumulonimbus cloud cluster also known as thunder clouds. I love looking up at these clouds but when I lived in the South we really watched these clouds. They can be really destructive

There is also Ephebus. It means a younger person reaching adulthood and can now train to become a Greek citizen. Below is the Greek flag.

Image result for free images of the greek flag

Thats my take on bus……..Happy blogging and happy Saturday šŸ™‚


It is Saturday and time for SoCSĀ with Linda G HillĀ and the prompt for this week is “view” use it any way you like. Here is my take on this weeks prompt.

A view means you see something in a certain way. This definition is off the top of my head but I will o look it up. A point of view can be very interesting. We all have our own point of view about something or another. In the United States, there is a ton of stuff happening in our Political area that many have chimed in their points of views on. People becomeĀ strong in their convictions it seems. Everyone has a point of view. Is one better than the other? Hummmmmm…….

Let’s talk about viewing something pleasant to view. There are different views of what is or is not pretty to view. But, for the most part a sunset can catch many people by surprise at its beauty. The view is spectacular. Viewing the birth of a new born baby. Now that is one you will never forget. Or, viewing your children or loved one getting married for the first time. But, right now it is 4am and the view of my eyelids is getting closer and closer. I have to have some more views of my eyelids. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz