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Today is Friday and at Love is in da blog we are to celebrate a blog, post, or blogger we love. This can include one of your own posts. Spread the love. For more info on the prompt visit Bee’s blog

I would like to link you to a blog I love and a poem I now adore. This is my very good friend Lori’s blog and it is packed full of her writings of poetry and a number of other topics. Lori is someone I have grown super close to in a very short time. She is kind, loving, and generous to name a few things I love about her. Above Is a bracelet I saw on I funny that reminds me of her and I am virtually giving it to her now. For all you do and all you have done Lori. This bracelet and loving post is to celebrate you my dear. Xoxo

Please go give Lori some love! Click the link below to read a poem she wrote.

Lori’s blog/the blog and blogger I love!

Hello ya’ll! I am spending time today alone with my youngest son Mason. He is my artistic child in every way. Mason is very quiet spoken but has a huge, loud, attention drawing, voice when it comes to things he is passionate about. He spent some time finding songs that I have never heard that he relates to in some way. For the first time in many years he musically invited me into his world through his eyes, ears, and written words. (I had no clue he could write like this)!

I don’t have a Valentine I am single now after 25 years. I have spent 4 Valentines alone. Now, I am ok with that. Alone is nice. Back to the day with my son. Valentine’s day is all about “love” and without knowing he showed me love from a son to his mother. What a wonderful feeling. We had adult conversations about many topics (he and his fiance are having some major issues) but “love” in general came up. He proceeds to first show me a video of a boy singing a song that made me cry.”One Voice” by Billy Gillman (YouTube video I have included at the end) After listening to that he starts play choice number two was Lily Fangz her video of “If I die young” (video below) this song talks of addiction. Without adding more background to why such a song would appeal to a 24 year old the singer talked of the disease as being an epidemic and how she wanted fans to spread the message.



My next gift was like this. “Hey mom were is your notepad you had by your bed the last time I was here?” He said. I produced the notebook and finds what he is looking for and says. “I wrote this last time I was here and left it for you to find someday.” Having no idea he wrote at all I sat and listen as he read:

Confessions of the Beast inside a Young Man

Follow the pills through my nostrils to the thoughts so dark and awful.

If it could obtain odor it’d be the most putrid, hostile of smells.

So aggresive it’ll singe your opticals.

Blinding the most optimal of obsticales.

Leaving you scared and alone in the dark with no thoughts or goals.

Deaf, dumb, and blind.

Knowing wrong from right but lacking the tools to define.

The person you once were and the mountains you have climbed.

The struggles you rustle.

Restless nights where a single thought can humble even over come ya.

And nobody loves the man that has become ya.

Before you know it the darkness is all you are and the old you is done for.

written by Mason 1/2016

My child is suffering right now and I am his mother. I can’t fix this for him. At any point do we stop being parents?  This was the first time I was able to reach him with my silent offerings of unconditional love as he spoke of dealing with life on life’s terms and all that it entails.  But, he is trying to love as a man rather than a child. The list goes on……

Now, I don’t want to bring up my past mistakes as far as my parenting of my children’s upbringing. Not because I don’t own what I have done. But, I have made amends with each of them. In order to help my kids ever I must lead by example. Two of my 3 kids are going through stuff and I can’t help. 

I have kinda rambled here but my day with Mason was so good. It is part of me becoming a better human being. I can only hope that my energy he felt today and he runs with it and begins his own journey of “love” for himself.

I hope you get the messages behind his video choices. (he normally just listens to artists like Lil’ Wayane for instance from what I recall) seeing that he has opened his mind to different music shows growth. He is not my little man anymore. 😦

Today is day number 12 in my challenge. If you want to join in or just follow along go here for details

List five blessings in your life

  1. My family is first as always I am so grateful for their love and support always.
  2. All material things I have today. For example I bought myself a new laptop. I moved here in September with just a suitcase with all my close in it. I am poor as dirt and found a laptop at a price I could not refuse. So, here I am a laptop owner! I am grateful for all the things my meager budget provides me.

  3. My lovely pooch Dillion aka Boy. He is a pit bull puppy I got my sister for Christmas. I have grown to love him and whenever I feel the need for some instant happy all I do is call him over.
  4. The roof over my head. I live with my sister and she asks nothing of me other than to clean up after myself and help her with chores. There was a time that I was homeless and on the streets living with other homeless people. Not having a warm place in the winter or a place to shower killed me. But, I am humbled and grateful for the home I am in now.
  5. Last but not least nature. In my journey to self-improve I have began to be aware of the natural beauty our earth provides us. Locally I live near a bay, the Pacific ocean, and the California Redwoods. My area makes me lucky as far as where to get in touch with nature. It is around every corner.