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I am doing some creative questions. My friend Lori hooked me up with a list of them. If you want to take a look at the questions go here  and check them out!

Question #3-Do you grant more favors OR ask more favors?

You know I use to give more favors but now that I am going through some difficult times I am at the mercy of getting whatever favors my family and friends want to give me. Like, for instance, I have had to stay with my mom and my sister off and on since September. That is a huge favor. To open your home up. I have done this in my life more times than I can remember. I have also had to ask people for rides. I have no car and some things you can’t really do on the bus around here. So, I am going to keep this short and say I ask more favors. What about you? Do you ask or grant more favors?

When commenting back and forth with a fellow blogger it got me thinking. How aware are you of the concerns or struggling that is going on around you? I like to think I am. Hey, I watch the news. I know our homeless are being booted around by the cops from place to place because nobody wants them around. I also know our crab fishermen are waiting to fish but the season hasn’t opened yet because of toxic levels in the crab. Now, that’s just a few examples of issues locally (I learned on the news). But, am I aware? Can I look deeper? Can I not see how our local law enforcement and government officials must feel about the homeless population freezing this winter? Or, how unhealthy the homeless population are making our home by leaving mounds of trash and hypodermic needles all around and not cleaning up after themselves (I watch the news I have seen the pictures). What about those fishermen who have family and bills due now? And these toxins in the crabs? Will they really be OK to eat? So many sides to these issues. If I become more aware will that help change anything? I guess becoming aware can prompt one to act…… Maybe? Find a need and try and fill it? Find a problem and at least do something to fix it? Becoming aware….. Hummm…

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