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EFFORTLESS: Today’s word prompt I know and have used before. However, I’m going to do a Google search just because. It said requires no physical or mental exertion. Well I am here to tell you it seems my end of what was my marriage was effortless to end. Effortless means to me you don’t have to do nothing to obtain it. Effortless means to me it (whatever it is) doesn’t or didn’t require any work to get it done. Effortless to me means no results happened when you put effort into it. “My many calls to my boyfriend were effortless.” For instance that is an example. “Talking to her about anything was effortless.” Yet one more example.

Sadly effortless left me kinda blank so jusjojan will be short but sweet. I am enjoying this challenge very much. I look forward to completing it every day. Maybe it’s just to early to write? I do not like mornings.

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