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Hello my love,

I hope you know that I love you still. Yes, even through it all my love stands. I can smell you like you are right here. Goosebumps like a cold wind run over my body when I think of your lips on mine. I remember being young before we had kids. The motorcycle you drove with me on the back. Around the beautiful lake we called our summer vacation place. The vision I carry of us entwined in the heat of our lust for one another. We fell in love that summer. Skinny dipping all around the green waters of this wondrous place. Magic is all that can describe the feelings you made me feel. You fell in love with me then. We married after 3 years of lustful bliss. I was pregnant then. I was the queen and you were my king. Yes, times became really bad. But, when they were good they were very good. Those are the times I carry with me today. You have done some amazing things. Remember the time you pulled over on the 101 South bound outside of the city. You got out and came to my side. I looked at you confused. You opened the door and held out your hand. “Dance with me” you chimed. The music loud and cars tooting their horns. We danced. You never dance. You and I my love we danced! Bring your mind back to our love when our sons were born. Wow, our family became a true family then. I am not thinking of the bad times. I know we had them. I am only thinking of the good times. My best friend, my soulmate, my babe, my papa, my lover, and my man. We called each other terms of endernment back then. Tears came when we saw our sons. Our love was there in human form. You are a good father. I knew you would be. You took care of me when I was sick. You did your best to keep things right. I know how hard you tried. I love you my friend. I want to tell you thank you. The love we shared for over 25 years is not happening ever again. But, I have these cherished memories. I cry for you still. Music is unbearable. That was our thing. Now, I look at our love from my good memories I can see we shared so much. It was a good as anything could be. Anniversaries we shared over and over. Hot Springs, Mansions with rooms presidents stayed in. Those are just a couple of years we went out. The kids came first and we celebrated our love with them. It was how we wanted it. I love you forever and I don’t think it will end. I pledged to you forever. I am sorry for my part in our end. I only want you happy. But, can it not be a thing that me and you share? What do I mean? I want you in my life. I want to make love to you one more time. Is that bad of me? All we have been through and I do still love you.  I will never let you read this really. You are with another woman now. I wished you would divorce me if you don’t care? You are hanging on just like I am. This can’t end up as a thing. It will only hurt us both. I love you my husband. All the way to my end.

Always, Annette

Today’s Daily prompt is take a line from your favorite song or song you are stuck on and make it the title of your post.

Adele’s Rolling in the deep is my choice. I am not going to pick the first line. Instead I am picking where she says….

The scars of our love remind me of us, they keep me thinking we could have had it all. I carry scars inside and out. Remembering how I stayed thinking it would all get better. But, even bandages could not cover the extent of the damage. I walked after 25 years I walked. Truth be told I still think sometimes we could of had it all.