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I know, I know! Some of you are thinking she is crazy! That is correct, I am crazy. Now haven’t you ever had one of those days when you know you should not get out of your bed? Maybe a doctor ordered bed rest? Maybe you had the flu and mom says “to bed with you now!” Well, that’s the kind of day I have had.
Here is what I do to combat boredom while ordered to bed rest:

Read: have several books or magazines available. If you use a reader then make sure you have the charger. Lol

Movie stream: I am a Netflix fan so that is where I go. I hear great things about hulu also. Both have a free 30 day trail! Go stream.

Games: Now concentration may be an issue when healing so here are a few games that I play to get my mind active. Mahjong, Trivia crack, Brain games, Words with friends. There are so many to choose from. Read the reviews on the app and check the rating. This process alone will keep you busy. Lol

Now there are a few things to keep the boredom at bay. Some of the things you don’t do in my opinion are:

Social sites: these should only be used minimally I feel. Post status updates about your progress from time to time. Do not get into the sometimes drama of these sites. So minimal use of social media is a plus.

Get up and do anything! This is a hard one. Especially when you live alone. But, in these tines you should be resting call upon family and friends to help out. All you need to do is ask.

Watch the news. This often depresses people with all the bad stuff in this world today. Peace of mind and spirit is what you need right now. So no negative stuff while you heal.

Ok, who knows why I wrote this? Well, maybe someone is in bed and has his/her reader on and comes upon this. You never know…!