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For this post I am doing the weekly discovery challenge. Its all about numbers. To learn more go here and check it all out.

I’m choosing to honor my favorite number 3…..its all about 3 and me! 3 this or that……3 is where it is at. 

First because I love words I will show you my words I love. 

Words, words, words…..

Now for three randomly picked quotes I liked.

Quotes, quotes, quotes…..

Now for 3 things the color orange. I love the color orange. It makes me smile.

Orange, orange, orange…….

That is all I have for me and my number 3…..

For this week’s challenge we are asked to mix up the medias we use in posting. If you would like to know more go here and check it out. As for me I’m going to do random words and pictures I find online while researching things to post about. These things brought some sort of emotion out in me. 

A city I love..,

Word I love….

Greek Goddess Irene/Hora of peace….

Wish I had more of this…

And I can never have enough….

Things I took a second look at or want…

Orange is a color I love and here are some orange things I love….

Yes yes she even would love to have an orange door! Orange makes me smile. Emoji smiles all around.

Look an orange one!!! 

My naughty side emoji lol!

Because I’m very good! Lol

Me and spiders and a emoji to honor it! 

That’s it that’s it that’s all folks!!!

I’m going to be trying different types of posts that I hope engages each of us to take some time to think and possibly have fun doing it. Here is how this will work.

  1. I will post a question, picture, word or sentence here each Saturday. You will have until 11:59am PST Friday to post on your blog your take on the prompt.
  2. Do a pingback to original prompt post from my blog or add your link in comments. 
  3. Use any form of expression you wish.
  4. Use #APPrompts as your tag.
  5. Have fun!

I don’t have a logo design yet. I will see if this kicks off or not. Now, for this weeks prompt.

Week #1 What is your kid like indulgence? Show me……