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My posts is exactly as the title says! If you do not know what you are doing for sure SLOW DOWN do not even hover over the words trash or delete. I know, I know you guys probably already know that. But, what you don’t know is my About page is gone! I was making some changes to my page today. Suggestions made to me by fellow blogger John Jr (I am going to try and link in his page so you all can visit his site too! He mostly writes his dreams down but he is kind and ready to lend a helping hand to novices like me) urged me to change it up a bit. That’s where I messed up. Anyway, I must step off my blog for the day now. My brain hurts from trying to learn this laptop gadget thing and navigating WordPress all in the same 24 hours had really made me feel overwhelmed. I don’t want to make my blogging a stress on me so if I spend to much time trying to make things better it gives me stress, I do not want to loose followers because my blog is a fat mess either. lol! Man oh man what have I gotten myself into…..hahaha! I am woman hear me ROAR! Stayed tuned there is more to me and my blog than just this. Consider me a Chia pet and act like when you visit me you are watering me and watching me grow…..OH GOSH NOW I AM SINGING THE CHIA PET JINGLE!

Here is a link to John Jr.’s blog. Check him out his dreams are interesting. And he is just plain KIND

Tata for now….going to decompress!