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Today’s Daily prompt word is echo and here is my take on this prompt.

An echo is something you ๐Ÿ‘‚ hear right? Like even though I’m a grown up when I do something that mom would not ๐Ÿ‘Ž like her warning voice echoes loudly in my ๐Ÿ‘‚ ๐Ÿ‘‚ ears. Here are somethings ok found when searching the word echo.

Amazon has a cool speaker called Echo.

Sated is today’s word prompt. And here is my take on this prompt.

Okay, sated reminded me of being full for the definition in That we have a lot of wasted food. And there are a lot of people in America that are hungry. In the past I have done a post on how much food we waste and how we can reduce the amount of food we waste. So I know it’s off of the realm of what sated means. But, I really do think it is a subject needs to be addressed again and again and again. Something has got to give. There are children Starving in the United States of America. Much less all over the world. But I’m going to keep my statements to the United States because I know a little bit about going hungry. I’d like to take a picture of what I feel sated means. Just means overflowing and full to me stuffed to the brim.

 now these are sated! Don’t you think? Could you imagine the waste that we would save by doing a few things different? What I’d like this to do instead of talking about being sated. Let’s talk about are landfills and dumps being sated with items that could be recycled items that could help other people. There is food that had gone wasted from Thanksgiving dinner and it’s just going to get thrown out when it be wonderful to come up with a way to do something with those leftovers that nobody’s going to eat? You know if you have enough why not take it down to where you see some homeless take a plate down? I don’t know I feel very passionate about this cause I really don’t know how to change anything on my own. It does take a village to raise a child. But as part of that Village do we not have a responsibility to those children to make sure that they have enough food? All of the children. The elderly are having to pay for their medication or eat. How fair is that? I’ll have a stroke or heart attack or I’ll eat today. I read a very sad story about a lady that was taken in by a family because she was eating cat food canned cat food all month long because that’s all she could do is pay and low rent and medications there wasn’t much room for anything else. It just makes me so angry there should be a solution this should not be happening. So there’s my take on sated.

Today’s daily prompt word is ostentatious and here is my take on this prompt.

Being ostentatious is not a good thing in my opinion. Ostentatious people flaunt what they have in order to impress others and in some cases even take down a person that doesn’t have material things. I Googled this word and found some cool stuff. 

That’s all I got today folks!!!

Today’s dailchallrompt word is mythical and here is my take on the word.

This is right up my alley. Past year was my first year taking part in The A to Z challenge and the theme I chose was mythical legendary creature.  My mythical themed A to Z and I had a blast! Mythical things are so neat to me. I found some images of mythical things when I Googled mythical.

I would like to do another mythical themed thing to do but I am at loss. Any clue what I should do 2017 A to Z challenge on? Help…..

Today’s daily prompt word is fish and here is my take on this prompt.

Today I decided to try and find different, less “in general” information about fish. I often visit this site called the random things site or something like that here is the Random fish facts go check it out! Here are some facts on fish you will find there.

  • Jellyfish and StarFish are not fish!
  • Most brands of lipstick contain fish scales.
  • Sharks are the only fish that have eyelids.
  • If there is not enough oxygen in the water the fish will drown.
  • The fastest fish is a sailfish it can swim as fast as a car travels.

Now, as regards to eating fish I like Salmon and Halibut. Cod, Croupie, and Catfish show the southern side if me. With some hush puppies, Cole slaw, Brown Beans, and fried Taters NUMMY! Oh, Swordfish is also tastie. Surffish or Jacksmelt by the deepfryer full is some mighty good eating. They are a bummer to clean and cook. They are tiny fish that my ex caught with a A framed homemade surf net. He would throw the net at a wave that Seagulls were all around. Them birds love Surffish too! Lol! They range from 2-4 in long. You then have the task of cleaning them buggards! Sizzors up the belly of the fish then run your finger up the middle removing the guts as you go. Then coat and fry. There is not much meat to them but they are a Pacific Ocean treat. The kids love them too!