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This week the daily post presents us with writing or whatever we want about whatever in a different style than we usually do. To find out more go here and check it out. For now I’m going to give this my best shot.

Here is to the words that make me happy and full of love. A play by Annette starring numerous letters to form a unique word. 

Act one age birth to 13-

  • Family enters in the scene with love by their sides. They dote over me. 

Cut to age 7-8

  • Mom, my sister and I huddle together in a blackout storm. Fear blasts its way in the room they lay. Mother makes shadow puppets on the wall. Comfort between them I feel.

Act two 13-22 years old-

  • Heartbreak rears its ugly head. Assault and domestic violence make her a victim. Sadness overwhelmed her.

  • Birth gives her hope and joy three times her sons come in and lavish her with affection. Bonds are formed. Truly happier than ever before. Kids all run around growing as they go.

  • Lady enters scene drunk and hopped up on drugs. Despair, agony, dark, and lonley. Fade to lady alone nobody around only her and her bottle. Her mental illnesses no longer are silent.

Closing act-

  • In and around the stage all the words of her life now dance. Mindfulness, recovery, joy, peace, enlightenment, harmony, love, meaningful, strong, family and friends are the stars. Standing ovation from the crowd.

Today’s daily prompt word is fish and here is my take on this prompt.

Today I decided to try and find different, less “in general” information about fish. I often visit this site called the random things site or something like that here is the Random fish facts go check it out! Here are some facts on fish you will find there.

  • Jellyfish and StarFish are not fish!
  • Most brands of lipstick contain fish scales.
  • Sharks are the only fish that have eyelids.
  • If there is not enough oxygen in the water the fish will drown.
  • The fastest fish is a sailfish it can swim as fast as a car travels.

Now, as regards to eating fish I like Salmon and Halibut. Cod, Croupie, and Catfish show the southern side if me. With some hush puppies, Cole slaw, Brown Beans, and fried Taters NUMMY! Oh, Swordfish is also tastie. Surffish or Jacksmelt by the deepfryer full is some mighty good eating. They are a bummer to clean and cook. They are tiny fish that my ex caught with a A framed homemade surf net. He would throw the net at a wave that Seagulls were all around. Them birds love Surffish too! Lol! They range from 2-4 in long. You then have the task of cleaning them buggards! Sizzors up the belly of the fish then run your finger up the middle removing the guts as you go. Then coat and fry. There is not much meat to them but they are a Pacific Ocean treat. The kids love them too! 

Its Saturday time for SoCS with Linda! Out prompt this week is “mem” use it in any form we like.  
Ok ok I first thought Linda typed “men” not “mem” I thought if its men then oh boy lookie out! Lol but its not its mem. So my men readers are off the hook haha I crack myself up. Good thing I am not a men oopss mem lol boy I’m on one today folks! 🙂 seriously drawing up blanks but I love this challenge so I must move on to the mem at hand……drums beat at her humor…rattata rattata! Hello are y’all still with me? Yeah I see ya there a looking to see what and the world I’m going to type next……..

Homemaker, homemade, homemaking, dismemberment, dismember, lalala I’m singing you the MEM song…..

That’s all I got…..brain farts!

Today’s daily prompt word is flames and here is my take on this prompt.

Flames burn hot! 

Flames you should fear, however I do not!

Flames sputter out of your mouth and into my soul!

Flames burn hot!

Flames embers crackle in my ears!

Flames burn hot!

Flames colors blind my eyes, however its not hues of orange I see.

Flames burn hot!

Flames you should fear, however today I do not!