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Sorry about the cuss word but being kind is not hard. Being kind will not kill you! I can only call the state of affairs our world is a wreck. In our day to day affairs we do not take the time to see that most everyone could use a little kindness. Maybe just a smile Or the opening of a door. Everyone can benefit from being kind. Its something that you can’t give away because It comes back to you.

In today’s news the main reports or local crime or world terrorism. I dream of a world news monopolized by world over acts of kindness stories. Would that not make of some great, warm fuzzies, and happy all over feelings? Yes, yes, yes indeed! 


Excuse the cuss word but, I feel very passionate about acts of kindness. I want to shout from the rafters “Be kind, live kind, act kindly” and hope I am heard by at least person. 



There are so many easy things to do to spread some kindness. Free hugs wow! These are just suggestions and images that reflect some things you can do to be kinder. Random acts of kindness are great they are unexpected and spontaneous usually. I want us all to remember the message of the action. Just because you want to do it as your number one reason to do it. Feel it in our hearts to be the change in our world by showing our kids how to be kind. The simple things matter they really do. I had the humbling opportunity to be homeless and broke when my kids were young and it was the holiday season. I did something I swore I would not do. Pan handled for money for food and gifts. I went out only one day and was blessed with gifts and a dinner plus all the trimmings for the holiday meal. I never once asked for cash. My poor babies understood my struggles and wanted to go and help me with this. I could not let them be seen with me. I was ashamed. It took people being kind and saying kind things to lift me up and help me out of the slump I was in. So, please be kind. Follow your heart as the way to be kind that will be most effective to your kindness goals. Kindness goals she says? Why not schedule acts of kindness through the week so that you make it a commitment to do. Always smile and money is not everything.


On Monday May 9th 2016 Niki is hosting a Kindness challenge. This is my post before it begins and we will look back on it after the challenge ends. To join me and many others in this weekly challenge please go to the richness of a simple life blog to find out more. There are even sneak peeks on the weekly prompts. With that out of the way look at the lovely logo I will be using for this challenge. 

What I hope to get out of this challenge? I hope to learn new ways to be kind to other’s and dare I say learn to be kinder to myself. I consider myself a kind person in general. Some say I am to kind for my own good. I don’t believe there is a too kind. I am hoping that this challenge enriches my soul for this journey of self improvement I am on. I feel like this is going to bring me nothing but happiness because that is the way I am going into this 7 week challenge (I think it is 7 weeks) I am not going to lie. I glanced and the first weeks challenge and balked to myself. For one reason I have to write ten things I am grateful for when I start my day. I am no morning person. I believe mornings should be put off till afternoon. LOL! No, really I am learning how to remain positive even in the bad times. So, taking a closer look at the things that really matter in my life can only help me. Bring on the Kindness challenge and may I make it until the end!