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This is going to be kind of silly but please let me explain. My blog started with a cell phone app and I have to say it has changed my life. I have become more mindful in my writings, blog followings, comments, reblogging, and likes. This has helped me learn empathy and passion for other’s and their beliefs. Without further ado… favorite app and only app I use besides Google chrome is…….


The WordPress app on my Andriod cell and my Acer laptop!!! You can do anything on this app that you can do when you are blogging directly from your search engine. Publishing posts are very easy and streamlined. I had trouble adding menus and widgets but with the help of a fellow blogger he showed me that WordPress provides a how-to-do on every topic you can think of. One and only one dislike about the app is you can read in your reader parts of some posts then the rest of the post you are reading you may have to go to the actual blog site. Well, it takes you out of the app and to your search engine and opens up a link to the blog you are reading. I wished you could see the entire blog post from your reader somehow. That is only on some posts though. Otherwise I give WordPress apps a A for the quick and easy apps.




Well, I just discovered Pandora for my laptop! Wow, shaking my groove thang! Love it so much! What I was curious about is this a music app or site you use on your computer? How do you get your favorite tunes to reach you. I am a bit old fashioned and used the good ol’ radio for my music needs! Crazy how I feel I have been electronically challenged. I first downloaded WordPress App on my phone as a way to journal. Boy, have I grew! Just me and my little blog……