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I just wanted to let you all know that I haven’t connected with the daily prompt in a couple days. I really like doing the daily prompt. But it hasn’t interested me or clicked with me at all. I’m trying to work on getting my stuff together for April. I’m also writing my grandchild a fairy tale for Christmas. I’m not a writer! So this task is posing to be your very very hard. So bear with me on the daily prompts and I will try to figure out some original content. Thank you for your patience. Have a great day!


Today’s daily prompt is “together” to learn more about this prompt or how to participate just click on the light blue and you will be on your way. Now, for my take on “together.”

Image result for free images of togetherness

Image result for free images of togetherness

Things are much cozier when we are together as one! Animals or mankind are both happy when we have someone with us. Most generally speaking of course! There are people who enjoy being alone but, for the most part, together is what we prefer. Don’t you think? 

Image result for free images of togetherness

Image result for free images of togetherness

Image result for free images of togetherness

Joining together to bring upon changes in our world is important on many levels today. Together we can make a difference! Bind your issues with another that you feel strongly about and together you can help make those issues not so prevalent or more prevalent in society today. Together we flourish and united we stand!

Image result for free images of togetherness

Together they are our future. They see no differences. I pray for today’s youth to lead us into a bright new world because they are better together. Together we as a part of this world owe it to them to teach them love is one love. Together we can make a change for them and their children. Would that not be such a wonderful thing. Together!

Image result for free images of togetherness

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Then there is LOVE the ultimate of being together with another human being! Together love is love. Together we love and we see no differences. Love is love! Together we embrace this love. Maybe not all of us today embrace this. But, united we stand together to make a difference in the issues and causes that affect us today and in the future. Together, that is the key. Love is love! 

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Today’s one word prompt is “moon” and if you would like to check the other blogger’s responses to this one word prompt then you can go here and check it out! Here is my take to the one word prompt.

At one time in my life I was trying to find a spiritual connection. This led me to Wicca and I thought I found that connection. A group of women of all walks of life would meet for fellowship and do ceremonial stuff. We would celebrate all Mother Earth had to offer. During Halloween time there is the Harvest Moon and that is a huge celebration. We all went outside and someone led the ritual of praising the Harvest Moon and all it’s offerings. I am here to tell you I have no clue what I was doing there just that I had friends. That was really what I was looking for is friends. So, I went along with it all without putting my heart and soul into it because it just was not right for me. But, the high I got dancing in the moonlight without a care in the world with a bunch of women brought together to celebrate life and it’s abundance. I did not go to another event after that but, I was not rude or mean about it I just said it was not for me. I can’t say enough about the points they made about the offerings of life the earth has to offer and what a huge part the moon does play in the circle of life. I grew a deep appreciation for the moon that night and I was taught the lesson that I did not need to go with the flow on such matters like spirituality and that I could find it within myself and by myself with me and my God. Well, that is my moon dance story. Do you have a love for the moon and celebrate it in any way? Have you gone with the flow of something even know it was not your cup of tea just to make friends?

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I liked today’s word prompt “voyage” so I thought I would take part in it. To find out more information on how to participate in the daily prompts go here and check it out.

My voyage has finally let me see myself and my surroundings like the picture above. I began this self-discovery voyage that is still traveling different corners of the universe about 5 years ago now. I fondly call it my journey but when I saw today’s prompt it has been a voyage on a sail boat. I went where the wind took me. The voyage has had choppy seas as well as crystal clear blue waters. I encountered many creatures on this voyage. Some that are way to grotesque to mention. Others are just like the hummingbird in the picture. The tides were always something I could count on. They were my sunrise and sunset so to speak. They showed me there were things in my life I could still count on. I even got off my sail boat voyage to climb the mountain you see in the distance. But, I forgot my climbing gear in the boat so I did not make it far. I was shown then that the path of self-discovery was the path to stay on. When ever I looked at myself I made myself see beauty until there was just beauty left to see. So, you see I am still on this voyage of lfe on life’s terms. Going with the tides. Staying on the course. My voyage of me!

I opened my mouth and said to a friend I need some writing prompts. Well, I went to the Daily post and found a weekly challenge that I will be doing. I will catch the daily one word prompt when I can. Then I was introduced to a Kindness challenge that I will be taking part in weekly for the month. Plus, we must not forget Linda Hill’s SoCS on Saturdays. My thinking corner with Jacqueline on Tuesday’s on Sunday’s my guest author Lori does Self discovery Sunday. As well as random days and topics in my self improvement series. Oh yeah, and kick off to a brand new cool and fun challenge will be coming in two weeks. I hope you all join in. Plus, just in case I needed some more prompts I downloaded the Daily posts 365 days of prompts. Now, last but not least my friend gave me 500 journaling prompts. I will be taking from both the journaling and the daily prompts when I run out of things to keep me busy. Right now I am writing or blogging cause I am no writer but anyway I am blogging my way through some pretty heavy life issues. This is therapy for me right now. So, please excuse all the posts. I will still do the word of the day but I am cutting out the National day posts.

The daily prompt for today is one word “hope” to find out more go Here for details. Here is my take on today’s prompt.

Where there was only despair now there is Hope. She is dressed in the finest silk and glows a golden hue. Hope uses her wand and taps my head twice. Glitter flows like sugar cane in the ocean wind. No more despair Hope sings. Her lips never moving. Her light so bright drawing me to it each darkened and gloomy day of suffering I endured. Hope always guided me to follow her glow. She would tap my head now and again to remind me she is still there waiting just waiting. Hope has hope for me you see. Even when I lost all hope she never abandonded me. All she wanted to see is my hopes come true. To dance the dance of life without restriction or doom. Only Hope remained or so it seemed. I will always remember her taps on the head. Glitter trickled down landing always where I knew it would. On my feet to guide my way Hopes glitter would not lead me astray. Thank you Hope for always being there. 

Good day to all! The daily prompt is a word prompt each day to write about. I have so many scars. I have one huge one that reminds me why I quit using drugs. I have scars of domestic violence that will never go away. I have childhood scars that are deep. But, I have worked through alot and came a long long way. I am choosing to live in the moment and making sure my post does not define who I am today. So, that is all I have on scars. I very deep subject for me!