Top 7 things that make me laugh 

I’m going to try something new. I will be posting my top 7 picks of things. The first one being “Top 7 things that make me laugh!” I encourage you all to join me on top 7 picks every time or anytime you feel like it. Or if you have an interesting category that you want to see me pick my top 7 of leave me a comment. I hope to post some good stuff! Now on to the top things that make me laugh! In no order at all!

  • Listening to a toddler trying to pronounce “truck” but says “f***” instead right in front of grandma! 
  • The TV series “The Big Bang Theory” any episode gets me laughing!

  • Eddie Murphy in his early years of “Raw.”
  • Fluffy the comedian

  • Watching my grandson sport a pink guitar, cowboy boots, and a diaper while staring at his reflection in the oven door belting out “twinkle twinkle!”

  • Watching people dance or sing when nobody is watching, so they think!
  • Watching kids try and explain life as they see it. Kids do say the darndest things for sure!

That covers this top 7 now come on show me yours!!!! 🙂

  1. Laura said:

    Great stuff! Love the characters on the Big Bang Theory. And kids always make me laugh. I work with kids, so I laugh every single day! Great idea! I will be back!😃

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  2. The kid downstairs from us once saw a KFC and declared, “There’s F***y Fried Chicken!”

    I’m starting to think that “The Big Bang Theory” has jumped the shark.

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  3. calmkate said:

    Kids do make me laugh but the hardest laugh I have is when an ozzie show called “The Project” Lemur, one of the comedian comperes, interviews the children at a selected primary school to ask their opinions on a current news topic. Politics, parenting, old technology … oh you will laugh he gets the best answers and still manages to keep a straight face!

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