#NaNoWriMo confused!

I am wondering what the heck NaNoWriMo is. I know you write a novel in the month of November. Now, do you do it in posts like once a day you post part of it or what? And where do you turn the novel in when finished? What should I be doing now to prepare? Any advice or just about anything you know including websites to use for reference would be a big help. I am not really a writer but I don’t want to not be involved in this huge event. PLEASE HELP!

  1. No need to be confused. Just go to their website and it is all explained there. You nee to write 50k words in November. Its not mandatory that you post what you write everyday on your blog…you should try Camp NaNoWrimo in June (?) as a test run…good luck!


  2. Feel free to check out my November 2015 posts for an example of what I did. I did NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo at the same time…2 birds, one stone.


  3. It’s pretty fun if you feel like doing some intensive writing. It’s been a couple years since I last did it. At the end of the month, you copy and paste your work into their word counter to see if you did it. They’re word count is always a little different than mine, so you might want to write 50,010 just to be safe. I haven’t heard of NaBloPoMo, though!


  4. I read “No Plot, No Problem” and that helped. I also found that being active in my region was helpful (see web site for that). Meeting are offered in October and write-ins are fun. But since you have a few months, you might want to plan some things: outline, plots, characters, all of that might help. It was much more difficult than I expected, but quite a learning experience and a rewarding challenge to complete.

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