Mini writing challenge 2/2/2016

I came across this writing challenge I am jumping in on. For details and rules go here and this week’s prompt is write something to do with what fairness and justice means to you.

The judge sentenced you to prison today.

You go there in cuffs and ankle shackles too.

Wondering if your loved will love you til your time is done.

Outside is only seen between an obscure fence and guns.

My appeal was granted for more evidence they say.

DNA came back and they are freeing me today.

Ode to the wrongfully accused…..

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    • Oh I know right! I don’t know why my mind went there probably from the documentary I saw last week on a wrongly accused person in USA that spent some 20 years in prison before new evidence came to light by way of DNA testing which was not available when he was convicted. Blew me away. So, I wrote my first poem about fairness and justice about it.

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