2nd Liebster blog award/2/1/2016



I have been nominated for my 2nd Liebster blog award! Thank you so much for nominating me danetigress I appreciate it!

Rules are

Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to them.

Answer the questions given to you.

Nominate 15 bloggers and present them with questions of my own

Here are my questions to answer:

What is my blog and why did I choose the theme?
Well, I am not sold on the theme I have yet so I probably will change it. I started this blog as a way to write or journal. I had no idea about getting followers and such. I thought the app was a writing tool. I started with a cell phone.

Where are you from?
I am from Eureka, CA USA

Which country is your favorite to travel to?
I haven’t traveled outside the US so I don’t know.

What is your favorite beauty brand?
Not much into beauty products but I would have to say Oil of Olay.

What is my favorite handbag?
I don’t have one. I use yardsale or free purses. Lol

Which is your most challenging post to write?
Fiction! I suck at writing fiction so I am practicing with different writing challenges.

Who are my 3 favorite bloggers? Are:

http://mostlyblogging.com/ Jancie is helpful and her posts very informative. This is my technical go to blog when I need to know something she normally has written about it. She talks with all of her comments and such.

http://jennifernicholewells.com/ Jennifer hooked me into 120 days of color challenge that has really opened up my eyes. Her blog is colorful and her challenge invites all to take part. I generally like her blog period.

http://lindaghill.com/ Linda introduced me to writing challenges period and I happened upon her blog when I first started. She hosted Just jot Jan in Jan and I enjoyed it. She is involved in other challenges as well and she writes good!

What is your favorite YouTube channel?
Don’t have one just began on YouTube.

What is your favorite music?
Classic rock and oldies.

Who is my favorite author?
I like different author’s and don’t have a favorite.

What is your favorite food?
I would say Mexican and Chinese.

Now, on to my nominee’s

Questions for my nominee’s are:

What is your favorite song?

What is your favorite color?

What inspires you the most?

What genre do you write?

What is your pet’s names if any?

Do you have kids?

Do you have a sign or symbol that represents you?

What do you like to blog about?

Where would you like to visit?

What do you like to indulge in?

What type of food is your favorite?

If you could give a million dollars to charity what one or ones would you choose?

Why do you blog?

How many followers do you have?

Thanks and congratulations to all! I am going to cheat here. I will not name my nominee’s so that if they do not take part in these awards they do not have to. Thanks

      • Ritu said:

        You are most welcome!


      • Ritu said:

        Thing is I have received some of these awards a few times, and as a teacher, my time is so sparse, to answer things, and think of new and interesting facts about myself…! So this way I feel I am at least giving credit to my nominator!


  1. Ritu said:

    Reblogged this on But I Smile Anyway… and commented:
    A sneaky nomination that I was alerted to by Annette… A new blog I follow. Thank you Annette! 😊


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