Love is in da blog/2/1/2016

This is a fun challenge if you want to join in the fun go here

Today is Monday! It’s about love thy self…….

I really need this theme each day. Coming from a very long term abusive relationship I did not take care of myself. It was unhealthy and my self esteem and self worth more very low. Now, however is a different story 4 years later. I love myself alot this blog is important part of that. Writing expressing my feelings has made me feel so good and then getting a following to boot! Wow, what a nice feeling to feel like you belong somewhere that has taught me to wrap my arms around myself so to speak. And love myself more. I see myself in different eyes. Eyes that are not clouded by awful blackness. Now I see sunshiny days. But I’m taking baby steps each day is different. But I use positive affirmations. And the love of my family. To start loving myself.

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