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Day number 4-write about someone that inspires you.

To participate in this challenge along with me and missmoodygirl feel free to jump in anytime!

I gave this no time at all to think about. My sister inspires me. She is six years older than I am. When it was not cool to be gay she was. There was so much going on in the world and gay bashings we in the headlines. My sister had a family. I have a grown niece and nephew that grew up in a loving environment. My sister and her wife did that! Those children have grown up. Kids of their own. Productive members of society. Raised by gay parents??? Wow!!! Even when society had the meanest approaches on the subject my sister held tightly to her beliefs.
Some of the other things she had overcame are addiction, (battles with it but remains clean) mental illnesses, lymphoma…..she inspires me to fight! Stay true to me always!

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Chemistry Behind Chocolate Poisoning: Why Is Chocolate Bad For Dogs And Cats? –

I pondered this many times! Why is chocolate bad for dogs and cats? This post is informative and well researched. I like how its written to the point. I just now started following this blog but if this type of writing is a sign of more to come then I am not sorry for following! Lol read and think about it….

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