Friday fiction with Ronovan writes

I have decided to join Friday fiction with Ronovan writes here is a link if you would like to join

Blue jean baby, LA lady, seamstress for the band. All she could do is sit on the outside and look in at the awe that was him and this band. Her high-class style was nothing if she could not have a voice. Many people guarded her fondly. Why couldn’t she feel the same way about herself?

It was late one Saturday night when she began to feel like she belonged. Elton, the lead singer of the band stopped in to correct some outfit changes he wanted. Bella sat quietly as he announced what would be changed. “Elton,” she said. “What is the perfect outfit in your eyes” Bella quietly asks? Elton didn’t know she spoke at all. He had never heard her talk. “Well, I would love more sparkle and glam. More greens and purples. And any visual effects that smoke also” he explains. Bella wanted to make a perfect outfit for him. One he could be proud of. She took mental notes of his wants and politely sad goodbye. Working all through Sunday and much of the week she finally came up with an outfit, if one could call it that anyway. Waiting patiently for Elton’s arrival Bella chews her nails. When he arrives she has his normal attire and something more. “Hum,” Bella says. Elton turns and sees’s visually entertaining sight. “Wow,” he says deeply. His new green and purple with jeweled crescent moons encrusted all over. Purple plume’s everywhere. He was so excited he grabbed the outfit and ran to try it on. As Bella’s reward, he turned to her and bowed before he left her side.

That was my first attempt at fiction for real! Tiny dancer by Elton John.


  1. Ronovan said:

    Great start to your fiction journey. Thank you for entering and I hope you continue to join us. 🙂

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    • Thanks it was scary to me but I did it and that was a big step for me. I hope I catch more of the posts about prompts and rules. I am following so that should get it to me. Thanks for your comment!

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      • Ronovan said:

        🙂 Next prompt comes out in about 2 hours. 🙂

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    • Oh gosh thank you so much this is only my second attempt at fiction….I am following you now so I will be seeing you in your words…..Thanks Annette

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