Daily prompt/reason to believe/1/18/2016

Daily prompt for today is: What is your reason to believe?



I have waited all day to write this. When I first saw the topic I thought Oh no religion! It was not a topic I was interested in talking about. So, I sit and read alot of my fellow bloggers takes on this subject and relaxed about it so here you go ready or not…….

I believe in me right now. My new thoughts on life and what I believe in are all on me. How I act and react all on me! Basically, I pulled myself out of an abusive situation, addiction, low self esteem, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, and a number of other issues. I am not looking for a pat on the back I just want true loving people in my life. Now, right at this point in my life that is not perfect but it’s all mine. My worries about my children weigh deep inside me sometimes my stomach wants to vomit I get so upset because I can’t fix it for them. So, all I can do is love them and show them what the power of one really can mean. I believe in ME! I never thought I could be happy again but I am. It was all about my choices that have brought me here. No, I am mo God, goddess, budda, or virgin Mary. NOT THAT ANY OF THEM ARE WRONG OR BAD!! But guess what I am me and I am a great person that loves life and all my flaws too. I BELIEVE IN ME! THAT IS LIVING IN THE MOMENT. I CAN MAKE ANYTHING HAPPEN IN MY WORLD!




Me taking selfies because now I am proud of me

    • No it is not but impossible is the msg I was trying to make. I have down days like today but I don’t want to be a downer. Hope I didn’t seem to negative ya know?

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      • No. It didn’t come across that way. We all have down days.


    • Thanks! It’s funny was going to visit your blog today because I had not seen you much. And I log on and here you are! Thanks for reading my stuff! Happy blogging and I will be at your blog house a bit later! Lol

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      • Lol. I just posted a new blog today too! I have been fighting this cold and when I seen I had been missing out on your blogs I had to read and comment 🙂 much love. Hope you enjoy reading! Happy blogging 🙂

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      • Lol I’m fighting exact same cold! Blahhhh!! Lol hope you feel better! Much love right back at ya! 🙂

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