Daily prompt/learning/1/17/2016

Today’s daily prompt is about how you learn. The question is how do you learn? Are you a visual learner or another type?

I have always been a visual learner. It is funny I was just chatting with fellow blogger John Jr he writes his dreams down and does it well! He drew me right into the dream with him. However, John Jr asked me if I thought about anything he could do to improve on his blog or writing to let him know. (he was a stranger until yesterday when he saved my blog and recovered my About page I accidently deleted he did much more than that including links to step by step instructions on how to do everything I was doing AMAZING RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS but that is for another story) Now, I already liked how he wrote and saw no issues with the blog itself. But, all I could think about is to tell him I was a visual learner and to google all the learning types because most are visual learners. The only suggestion I could make is to bring me in visually more. I felt bad because he already did that I just thought maybe he could do it more. He took my issue into consideration and thanked me. After I relaxed a little from all the stress of trying to fix how my blog looked. I was thinking I am a visual learner and I want to be a visual writer. I was reading another post and I can only describe it as dull. It lacked color or visual for me. Now, I am not talking pictures and things though those things are neat. But, I would rather any writer bring me in visually by using his/her’s words even rather than those props like pictures for instance.

When I was in school they did not teach according to how the child learns. Visual or otherwise. I have no clue if they have critiqued that or not. But, enough research has been conducted in the subject of how we learn I sure hope they have it figured out by now and changed up or children’s lesson plans accordingly.

Here is a link to John Jr blog. He writes mostly about his dreams. He actually writes them down and spends alot of time doing it. It’s interesting how he pops back and forth as all dreams do and takes you right along with him. Please stop in and say hi!



  1. Laura said:

    You might enjoy this link: gisellechow.com She is awsome at taking visual notes. 🙂

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  2. John Jr said:

    Hello Annette,

    I was also surprised by today’s Daily Prompt because of our conversation yesterday, and so I already predicted what part of your response to today’s Daily Prompt would be. 😉

    Thank you for the shout-out, I definitely thought about your feedback today when I typed my dream, unfortunately I could not remember much of my dream from last night so in my opinion it was lacking in the amount of detail that I had hoped to share this time; but maybe I will remember more details from my dreams tonight. 🙂

    -John Jr

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    • No no you did awesome! I like how you did them kinda IN THE RAW before. You took me in the dream I could see why you thought those kids coming at you in that field were gang members looking for trouble. But how odd was it they just played ball. I liked how you go here then there then somewhere else I followed all before just fine. I just have a hard time conveying wtf I’m talking about. But today you nailed it with just a few more words. Now, I didn’t want it for just me I had been reading that most folks are visual learners. So, in my mind I was telling that to appeal to more readers after all in my craziness I believed 98% are visual learners lol!!! Now if I made any sense awesome lol! Oh, I read something sent in my email today and it talked about making posts more visual because most were visual learners!?!? It’s attacking us like a big, green, smelly monster with babies! Lol no your post was not lacking PERIOD!

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      • John Jr said:

        Thank you for the feedback and for the encouragement Annette. 🙂

        In the past I got feedback that I was giving too many details and that I should just give short overviews of my dreams, and that I should focus more on sharing my feelings instead of what I was seeing; and so I started holding back a bit on the details to avoid boring people, and to save time because that takes even more time. 😀

        -John Jr

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      • I think you have a good unique idea going…. Sharing your dreams….. Original idea I feel. There is always room to improve sure so long as we never loose sight of what the orginal focus you wanted it to be. Unless you all of a sudden wake up and want to start making your blog about political issues!!!! Lol

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      • John Jr said:

        That is definitely good advice Annette. 🙂

        Now that would be interesting, suddenly moving from dreams to politics. 😀

        -John Jr

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      • just read about eating a meal and making the shopping list for your About page. Man until yesterday I had no clue how useful this tool is….I just am rattling on to you sorry….but nobody in my family and none of my friends have no clue about blogging…ive tried to get some involved but they want to live with the Flintstones…lol

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      • John Jr said:

        Good Annette, it was not until yesterday that I finally started to have a better understanding of what they meant by that, and now I realize that I have been making the mistake of making my About page more of a shopping list than a meal. 😀

        Same here, no one I know in person blogs as far as I know, and I could never get any of them to really even look at my blog yet alone get them to blog as well.

        My blog was actually originally meant to be a place where I could share things about my life publicly with family, friends, classmates, collegemates, co-workers, et cetera.

        I told them about my blog and I tried to encourage them to check it out and maybe eventually blog themselves, but that idea failed completely; and they all stayed hidden behind the walls of various social networks like Facebook even though they would not even need an account to view or to comment on my blog.

        So I started typing my dreams instead, and occasionally blogging about other things.

        -John Jr

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