daily prompt/superpowers/1/13/2016


If you had a superpower and it was to disappear and reappear whenever and wherever you want. Where and how would you use it and why? Tell us a story.

I am using my muse because I am in a writers rut! So, everyday we talk about the daily prompt and today she had a good story to tell. My muse is my big sister Dixie. Here is her story.

I  just realized I have the superpower and my family instantly came to mind. (my ex and I split up many years ago she was my soulmate and we raised 2 kids together). Every time they are all together and they are all full of happiness and joy I would appear. Even in their dreams I would appear and my only purpose is to appear and expierence the happiness they are feeling in their dreams or everyday life.

I would laugh with them and we would have a nice family dinner. My grandkids would know me well and love me as much as I do them. I would appear on their family vacations, birthdays, and holidays. All the pivotal moments of each of their lives I would be there. My ex and I would develope a new relationship that balances us. All past mistakes forgiven and forgotten. ONLY love and laughter is with us now.

When I have to disappear and resume my normal life it will only seem like a minute until the next time I get to appear back in my families everyday lives.

Just to clairfy my sister is gay and her family was formed out of love. Dixie fell in love for the first time and spent 14 wonderful years making a family with the woman she loved. the children were all carried by her wife but my sister was their DODOBUG the other parent. With gays not able to have parental rights to kids they did not give birth to or was their blood they had no visitation rights of the kids they loved and raised. All this happened during a time gay men and women didn’t have societies understanding of them. I always have said my sissy was gay when gay was not cool!!!!! So, wherever you stand on gay relationship my sister’s story is one of love. Plain and simple. If you would like leave a comment but remember I am very protective of my sister and her right to love and live how she wants. I do not want to open a debate on gay rights here. ALL WE NEED IS LOVE…….





What do you think? Talk to me!! :-)

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