Daily prompt/worst case scenario


Worse case scenario: It would have to be falling back into the old person I was before. Back when I was abusing my body and so was someone else. Toxic waste was surrounding my very existence. I was homeless with no money or car. My kids lived in three different homes with people I hardly knew. I walked with my head down. Shame was my name. I had to have something to alter my mind and thoughts because all I wanted was to be numb. It was a living nightmare!

Best case scenario: As repeated in other posts it would have to be simply who I am and what I have today. I have goals to better myself and my life. However, living in the here and now. Living in this moment to me feels like its all as it should be. I’m better than yesterday and tomorrow I will be an even better me! I have overcame many obstacles to get here. I kept my eye on the ball and hit the ball of LIFE hard it (me) scored a home run! I am the best case scenario being me! Living the life of my dreams!

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  1. Ah! This is quite profound and I tell you girl, it’s good to have left that worst case scenario for good. More Grace to you.

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  2. Wow, it sounds like you have really turned your life around. It can’t have been easy, and you must be so proud of what you have achieved now 🙂

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    • I love it great advice! Happy blogging to you. And have a great day! Annette


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