Daily prompt/modern families/1/10/2016


If one of your ancestors came to dinner with you today what would he/she find most shocking to learn about your family?

Well, my grandma Shirley would come to dinner with us. She died in her late 50’s and I was very close to her. She had both legs removed because of diabetes. I admired her doing all she did with out legs. 

Dinner at my house with grandma made me a nervous wreck. I worked so hard trying to make the perfect meal. I’d have the huge dining room table set perfectly. My house was clean, warm, and inviting. I was ready for everything except for telling her our dark secrets.

She arrived on time and the usual conversation topics began. We sat and ate slowly until the kids got up and started clearing the table. That was my que. Telling grandma I would meet her by the fireplace I went to make her coffee.

When I returned to her side with her coffee I handed it to her and sat next to her. She grabbed my hand and said “go ahead”. She knew I had stuff to tell her tonight. Where to begin I thought.

Well grandma….lets start with me. ( I spoke so fast and hardly broke to breathe)! I used drugs at 13 and lost my virginity then to. It was a one night stand with a man 10 years older than me. After that I slept around alot and did many different drugs as well as drink. When I was 15 my lover who was 11 years my senior moved in with me and mom. I kept using drugs. Mom never knew. At 18 I purposely got pregnant in order to see if my lover really loved me. I was clean my whole pregnancy. I did quit high school then only 35 credits to go. He did marry me. Oh did I mention he use to beat me up and mentally abuse me? I had children until I was 21. After my last kid was done breastfeeding I started to use and drink alot. I went to jail when I was 37 grandma. I did get clean and stayed clean for 17months. I left my husband after 25 years of marriage. I’m sorry grandma I know you don’t believe in divorce. But grams I got clean and have stayed that way for almost 4 years now. I’m healing. I’m happy. Tears were dropping down her cheek. “If only I lived longer honey” she said.

Now, do you want to hear about my sister grams or save that for another dinner date? “I don’t think I can handle anymore dear” she says. OK grandma I will walk you to the door.

With that she left speechless…..

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