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Well, I have pondered this prompt since this morning and really I am not sure which incident I am going to use. My mind is in positive places today so I am not going to go to deep. With that said……

I have to say I was seven or eight. Really young I know that. Anyway, my mom ( who is now wonderful) was a drunk. Slobbering, nasty smelling, bar hopping, ho’! ( I dearly love my mom then now and always) she was out at the bar. It was late, probably after midnight, and we had a huge earthquake. I mean big! Me and my cat blackie were all alone. I was terrified! My mom collected so many knickknacks that they all had wings and were flying, while I watched in horror. TV fell forward, shelves buckled, the smell of all the Avon old perfume decanters burnt my nose! It seemed like this was going on forever. I was alone and afraid. I sat until it stopped. Then I grabbed the phone to call the bar. The phones were out. I cried and threw up. Still basically in the same spot I sat waiting for my mom to call or come home. Oh, what’s that? AFTER SHOCK!!! Still I sat on that couch in the living room. I could see the kitchen. Food was everywhere. The refrigerator door was open. Demolished was all I could think. ( but in a child’s wording) the world was over I thought it was starting to end. Fear fear fear!

I waited for hours until I had to pee so bad I got up and went to the bathroom. I didn’t know what to do. Still no mom. What was going to happen next? Smaller quakes occurring all the time. So, after I went pee I dried my tears and thought I didn’t want mom to come home to such a mess. I began to clean. In between still trying to call mom. Still waiting. I new I had to take care of our food first ( what little there was) so to the kitchen I went. Somehow I grew up. I was cleaning that house like a grown up. With a logical “to do first” list in my head I cleaned the aftermath.

I remember feeling afraid and lost. I knew though at one point that I must swim! My mom arrived at daylight. Many many hours later. Drunk and slurring how she has been trying to get home to me. I loved her and was glad she was home. That day I grew up I think. To me I saved our home. Held down the fort. With stood the earth’s rollercoaster nightmare. I was thrown in the pool of adulthood and told sink or swim.

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  1. That is an incredible story. To have to grow up at 7 or 8 is just not fair, but the alternative would probably have been worse. I’m proud of you in retrospect and proud of you now for having told this story.


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