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Just Jot It January 7th – Robust

First thing I did was use my nifty voice activated Google search and read the definition of honorable and this is what it said basically: 1. Being worthy of honor. 2. Used as a title indicating eminence or distinction, given to judges or other high officials. OK, with that made clearer I shall begin my post.

Doing something honorable can mean different things to each individual choosing to bestow the title of honorable to. Such as, “what he did was very honorable”! Like for me I can find honorable things done in everyday life. A man opening the door and helping a little old lady with her things. A solider jumping on a grenade. (Of course one is more extreme than the other) Well, you can get an idea as to what I mean.

Now, as far as using the word as a title like for a judge….you may not like my response but here it is! I feel a judge or official is no different than the next person. Why not leave it as judge? Like a Dr leaving it as  Dr? He saves lives! I just don’t understand why he is honorable and people such as doctors are not. I’m sure we could dredge up why honorable is added but I’m a simple person. If you have done something honorable that deserves the title then great. But, does the solider carry the title of honorable in front of his name after he gave his life for others?

My thoughts on honorable!

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  1. You have a good point! There are many “honourable” careers out there! Food for thought. 🙂
    P.S. You linked today’s post to yesterday’s prompt, so I put your link (for this post) into today’s comments. 🙂 …easy enough to make that mistake. I did it myself two days ago with my fiction blog post. 😛

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    • Thanks! You are too nice! I get lost finding where to put stuff. Lol might happen again but I hope not. Going to try #SoCS out too and hopefully post it tomorrow correctly lol….happy blogging!


  2. Morgaine620 said:

    I agree with you. I am from Germany and it always feels odd to me that judges get that title. They have to do with a simple “judge” in Germany and it seems to work well 🙂

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