I really hope I do this right lol! I am new to blogging and do it all from a WordPress app on my cell! Amazing no! Frustrating yessss! I wanted to join in on some writing challenges but pingbacks and linking gave me problems. So, here I sit….praying it works….just jotting in Jan! Thanks Linda Hill for the fun and easy way to get writing! OK, no spelling and grammar check on this app either! Lol boy oh boy! I was going to write on robust however I could only think of a tomato lol I don’t know why?!?! Next post if this works will be better reading.

I’m now wondering how I will know if I linked or pinged correctly…… Hmmmm!!! Off I go….

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    • Ripe, juicy, red, and robust lol! I have no clue but tomato is all I got! And thanks but am I pingingbacking in correct area? Lol

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      • I’ve heard them described that way. 🙂 I can’t stand a tomato unless it’s already been turned into ketchup!
        Yes, it’s showing up on the main page for the JusJoJan, right under the rules.

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      • Awesome! Honestly I don’t much care for them either lol really I was thinking of how robust a cherry tomato was when I first ate one. Don’t do many tomatoes in any for but ketchup also…lol

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  1. You did great! I’m impressed with your skills on a cell – I couldn’t do it. o_O

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    • Why thank you! I was determined! Lol can’t get the badge to move to my posts but working on images now. Great writing challenges! Thanks for a great blog! Happy blogging!


  2. Nice to be here on your blog Annette. Today your blog is the blog of the day on the Solidarity Support Challenge. I am getting ready to put that on my site. Enjoy your blogging!

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